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    Whats The BEST POTJ Figure?

    Well there are many cool POTJ figures out there!

    But which one is the Best? Detail? Weapons? Force File? etc

    I kinda dig the new Rebel Fleet trooper and FX-7,Amanaman is pretty cool too!

    Who is the best in your opinion?
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    Best POTJ figure

    I agree that the new Rebel Fleet Trooper is perhaps the coolest figure but I will hold final judgement until I get my hands on one.

    For figures that are now in circulation, I have to say the biker scout is my favorite.

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    Would that be Clean or Dirty scout? Even though they are the same?
    You fool, my reach is far greater than the Jedi.Only a Sith can wield the force over such a great distance.'' - Darth Sidious

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    Thumbs up As of now,

    With all these new and amazing figures to be released, it is a tough choice. Therefore, from what has been released already i waill have to say the Chewy Mechanic. I think it is great that he is actually in scale. Awesome figure in my eyes.
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    Dirty scout

    The dirty scout is the only one I own. I never saw the clean scout in stores in my area. Actually, I only heard of one report of him in my area and that was at a local flea market/peddlers mall.

    Mechanic Chewy is another good one. Finally a Chewy to scale! He's in my carbon freezing chamber diorama I'm working on, with 3PO on his back! I took the game board Chewy and placed him in my Death Star escape diorama. It took a bit to move his arms around but he can hold a large rifle just nicely.

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    Mechanic Chewy is awesome, but he pales in comparison to Bespin Lando!!!!!!!

    That Lando figure freakin' rocks!

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    He's very cool but I don't care much for Bespin Lando's pose. He's hard to place in my carbon freezing chamber diorama.

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    My favorite is...

    It's really hard to choose from, but I think I'll go for the Aurra Sing figure. Although the articulation has some shortcomings it has a good sculpt. I'm also a sucker for the built in holster (which makes the Bespin Han Solo a close second).

    However, I think she'll be swiftly dethroned once the Rebel Trooper and Imperial Officer are released. Talk about some great sculpting!

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    Amanaman is going to be the coolest! They didn't pull any punches they made him look just like he did in the movie even with those funky webbed looking feet of his! Love the skull and bones. Could have done without another Crumb or maybe a diffrent sculpt insted of the same one that was released with Oola!

    Present I would have to say...
    ...Plo is sweet, Chewie is awsome, Duros is hard to top, but i'm gonna go with Tessek. He is just to cool. After all of those years loving the vintage and when they redo him he looks even better go Hasbro!
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    Thumbs up best POTJ figure

    Best POTJ figure, well that, for me, would be Dagobah Vader pending the release of Vader Emperors Wrath for comparrioson that is.
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