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    Any one use to build their own SW ships?

    Back in the early-mid 80s just when ROTJ was going to and then came out. I only had a few SW figs and no vehicles. So I use to build my own from my deluxe LEGO set. Now this was the old school LEGOs. None of this prebuilt pre pieced stuff. Lots of generic blue and red blocks.... use your imagination. My dad didn't want us getting Transformers either so we built those out of LEGOs too.
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    Yup, I always built Star Wars stuff out of my lego.

    I made a really huge AT-AT out of all my lego one time, it was white mind you but it was super cool.
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    Only one serious model, back in '87 or '88 using a TON of black pieces (the BEST color in the line ) I made a fairly accurate recreation of the Starspeeder 3000 from Star Tours. My grandmother's cat finally killed it, but it lived in this cool space-port I made that was nothing like Star Tours (actually, upon reflection, I suppose it was a lot like the diner in Spaceballs). The speeder had a fold-up top and right wall for easier access, TONS of hinge bricks gave their lives for this sucker.
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    I did that all the time. Playsets, vehicles, you name it. But I worked mostly with duplos, because I had more of them and it was easier it build bigger with them. The only vehicle I had as a kid was the speeder bike, so I had to be creative. Only thing I never made of legos was the Death Star (just too big). I also have lego Voltrons, transformers, GI Joe tanks, planes and anything else for that matter.
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