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    What should I buy?

    It seems the vintage carded market is soft in a couple of areas. I am looking to fill more of my collection and would rather buy the cheaper figs, what carded figures do you think would best to buy now? My goal is to have one carded figure no matter what version the card is, SW, ESB, ROTJ, POTF.

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    My ideal Vintage situation, would be to have EVERY Vintage figure, on the card it was first released on......

    The original 12, on 12 backs, the new ESB figures on ESB cards, etc......

    as for what to buy......I'm not entirely sure what's going cheap right now.....

    I saw an Anakin/Luke Trooper/Imp. Dignitary loose complete go for $172 once....which ain't bad.....
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    That would be my ideal situation as well, but I can't afford it. In fact for some of the really expensive figs I find myself buying resealed and cards missing POP's. Anything that displays nice. I am very close to completing my loose figure collection. I have been finding a lot of nice ESB and ROTJ cards priced rite.

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    I've gotta say that a nice ESB Yoda sealed with POP would be a great buy. It is a great figure in terms of display value and if you're looking to buy it as an investment (which I personally wouldn't do because I never plan on selling my stuff) it should go up significantly more than most other figures over time.
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