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    Unhappy Missing Accessories from Vehicles/Playsets

    If and when you decide to buy vintage vehicles and playsets, be on the look out for these accessories which more often than not, are missing from them. Even though the seller would say that "Oh, you can get that cheap on eBay or something", you probably would wind up paying more than if you got a complete one in the first place. Or if you have the luck and patience that I have, you could really get a bargain. I actually found two B-Wing guns in an eBay auction that I won for some scrappy parts inside the base of a Jabba's playset!

    Millenium Falcon - training ball
    Imperial Shuttle - ramp, windshield, side door
    Y-Wing - top and front guns, long struts for back engines
    B-Wing - wing guns, windshield
    Sandcrawler - remote, ladder, droid elevator
    Death Star playset - swing rope, dianoga monster
    Jabba's palace - pipe, bowl, stand
    AT-AT - chin guns
    AT-ST - top gun, top cover

    If I missed anything and I'm sure there are others, feel free to list them here. I almost forgot, those pesky battery covers are always missing from the electronic vehicles and playsets.
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