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Thread: Goldmember DVD?

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    Thanx for the info Emperor JJB. I hope it comes in a box set of three because I lost the other two DVDs . I had them in my sports bag cause i lent them to a mate and I went teaining and when I come back to my bag they were gone .

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    Eternal Padawan, I retract my suggestion that Goldmember will come in a snapper case.
    I still think it will be Platinum Series, not Infinifilm. However, I noticed the Platinum Series Blade II is packaged in a keep case.
    That's good for the future, but I hate the idea for movie sequels.
    I sold my $6 snapper copy of Halloween II just to buy a $10 copy in a keep case - I couldn't stand having that movie stick out from the rest of the series.

    Oh well.


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