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    Masters of the Darkside 2-pk (4 inch version)

    Well, I fianally managed to get a set to open up!

    This is an nice set, but my review is a bit mixed.

    I don't especially like the Darth Maul. It is just another Maul with 1 had in a slightly different position. BORING!!!

    I do like the Darth Vader. Hasbro took a unique approach to this one. He has a cloth cape at the shoulders, and a plastic cape around his waist.

    The sculpt is great, larger than the CommTech Vader, but not as buff as previous sculpts. Articulation is not completely absent, this vader comes with the swivel elbows. This actually works well for the arm position, which is extended at just the right angle!

    Over all, WOW, one of the best Vader's to come down the pipe!

    I give this pack a SOLID B+!

    I recommend buying this set, ESPECIALLY for all of the loose collectors out there!

    Just a little side note on SCALE, for those who care. Both are scaled well! If you've ever seen this set, both characters are standing on a stair base. Vader on bottom, Maul on top. Yet when you open them up and stand them in their spots Vader is STILL taller than Maul! Which is as it should be.
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    I actually liked this piece better when it was carded.

    I told my kids they couldn't open it, so they proceeded to bend up the card enough that there was no point to keeping it carded.
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    Originally posted by ThomasLane
    I told my kids they couldn't open it
    That's probably the hardest thing to say if you keep your star wars stuff in the packages. I have a niece that's three years old and it's really hard to tell her she can't play with my Queen Amidala dolls.
    The only dolls I have open are electronic Vader, Qui-Gon, and Anakin. I'll let her play with those but she is terrified of them.
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    The MOTDS 2-pack is actually rather cool, IMO. Maul sux, yeah, but oh well, the Vader and the stand make it worth it, the stand is a pretty cool display piece for various figures. ;D

    master_jedi, with Christmas not too far away, you might check in to seeing if any sites or stores have any Amidala dolls left that are marked down if you've been wanting to get your niece one of them. Hmm, maybe with the sales we'll finally be rid of those 12" Jar-Jars on the shelves that are taking up shelf space!
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    I've been thinking about getting her some Amidala dolls and maybe a Jar Jar doll. She only likes Amidala and Jar Jar. The only thing is is that I have absolutely no money and the money I do get goes to me so I have a little problem there.

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    I usually open everything, but I've left the Master of the Darkside and the 300th Figure Boba Fett intact. I've already got those figures umpteen different ways and these have added display value while still in the packaging. I should've bought another Fett, though, when I had the chance. Oh well...

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    Check out KB or KG Toy Works. They always seem to have a ton of the Amidala figures around, although the boxes are pretty beat up.


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