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    I liked the force files a it seems that we wont see them again...or...can it be?? I was watching the picture (front carded)...and it appears the plastic that holds the figure expands to the place the force files were packed...or is it just a sticker...have a look again...
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    Angry Screwed Again!

    Someone correct me if I'm wrong but didn't we just have a price increase. I know it was just Wal-Mart, but it was a price increase none the less.

    I really don't think Hasbro has a reason to raise the price. They just saved themselves a few cents by taking out the Force Files. If they do, that's just tantemount to greed.

    Let's look at this from a manufacturing point of view. Making these figures is along the lines of producing cds. Besides the couple of dollars it costs to make them, everything else is profit.

    Yet I keep buying the things.
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    Thumbs down

    Correct me If I'm wrong, but didn't Hasblo state that the POTJ line--due to the disappointing sales of Episode I toys--will be cheaper than the Ep1 toys? Now they've dropped the Force Files from their package (any reason given?) and they kept their prices the same (with the exception of Wal-Mart which had them at $5.86 but then raised them to $6.44)? Who's running the show there, Richard Nixon? Ebeneazer Scrooge?
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    Why didn't Hasbro do this in the first place?

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    Yes, no force file should equal a cheaper price. But, my guess is that the price will stay the same, if not go up. I will not miss the force file.

    Why would the price go down? Force files cost less than %0c to make so don't expect to see one

    Now they've dropped the Force Files from their package (any reason given?)

    They change the card or pack in every year to "refresh" the line.Personaly I think they are moving in the direction of big photos!
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    It looks a little gappy and sloppy, I think they could have done better. However, at least now they don't have to think up a ton of stuff to shove in the JFFs.

    This better be the move that Hasbro said was coming last year, where the JFFs symbolized lower prices but only Wal-Mart recognized this. I think the figures really are still MSRPing for 5.99 instead of the 6.99 we're seeing now, but retailers are refusing to drop the price. If Hasbro can get them to drop the price back down to 5.99, then the cardback will be acceptable IMO. If they fail to do so, then the cardback will be a problem.

    Why wasn't this question this week's poll?
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    Change the subject

    Sorry to change the subject but does that new Imperial officer have 70s sideburns? From the picture it looks like he does. I found that to be a little odd.

    The packaging change doesn't bother me. The force files are nice but when you start army building and get more than two of the same file, there's only so little you can do with them.

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    Re: Screwed Again!

    Originally posted by Sidiously Darth

    Let's look at this from a manufacturing point of view. Making these figures is along the lines of producing cds. Besides the couple of dollars it costs to make them, everything else is profit.

    Though your point about manufacturing costs is a valid one, it ignores one key element in the price of these figures. Unlike G.I. Joe (Hasbro) or Masters of the Universe (Mattel) where the manufacturer owns the property, Star Wars is a licensed property. Hasbro has to pay for the rights to the name, the characters, the likenesses, the images, and designs, for every single figure and vehicle. And as you might suspect, the Master Toy License for Star Wars comes with a hefty price tag. So bear in mind, you are not just paying for plastic injected into molds, parts assembled and painted then packaged for sale. You are also paying for Hasbro to have the opportunity to bring us toys based on our favorite movies series. And that opportunity probably costs more per figure than the cost to take it from artist's sketch to carded figure.
    Just a thought to clarify the cost issue. The real "pure profit" comes from the toy company owned imprints (like those mentioned above).
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    Originally posted by JediTricks
    Why wasn't this question this week's poll?
    Polls are done once every 2 weeks.
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    The latest figures have been a lot more complicated than previous versions, with articulation and far more detail. Do better figures cost more to design and manufacter than the older models?


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