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    I don't think it's a good idea at all Sir Steve. I use the E-Mail that comes with my ISP, but alot of people don't. Not to mention there is those smaller ISP's that don't offer E-Mail service. I'd hate to have many decent forumites get excluded, in an attempt to cut down on the less then steller ones that have been plauging the forums as of late.

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    I think the moderators would be better served by nipping some of the "garbage" in the bud, instead of letting things get out of hand in some cases . . . if someone post pads his or her way up to 2000 posts in a matter of months, it's kinda hard to address the issues AFTER the damage has been done.
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    Originally posted by Caesar
    I use Yahoo email, I don't have a local address . . . would this be grandfathered in?
    I think we should ban Caesar outright. His deranged Rick MC avatar has been chasing me in my nightmares.

    I think Caesar has a point. Grandfather in the ones who've been around for a while and have been using their free e-mail account (if that's possible to do with your forum software) and just require new accounts to be under a "more static" IP address.

    While moderators have the responsibility to police their respective forums, they can't be on the site all the time constantly monitoring every last post. By having users use their "real" e-mail accounts I think we'll have less riff-raff popping up and throwing out their trashy posts.

    I consider this site to be a good community, just like where I live. You want your neighbors to be in zoned housing and not sleeping in refrigerator boxes in front of your yard, leaving empty bottles of Thunderbird behind. I think it's the same for using the more legit e-mail accounts. So I guess that would make Caesar the local squatter who's been living in the culvert at the end of the block for ages.

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    what about the people that really don't have the ability to pay for there e-mail accounts and have a hard enough time paying for there internet already. I don't think that is being fair to the ones that don't have the money. I use e-pals because my family has financial problems when it comes to paying for the internet.
    I am very concerned about this subject and i hope you don't decide in removing the free-email accounts from your site, but it is your site.

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    i guess i would be a good idea....but it's your site. do as you wish!! but if you want the forumites to decide, then i say yes!
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    Hello I dont like giving my permenant email address simply because I dont like exposing my "real" info to anyone I dont know personally. Cant you get the users ISP numbers instead and keep the info in a secure location? I entered my info (email addy)on another SW board which was supposed to be for members use only and got so much spam I had to change my user info. What about folks who have limited pc access and only have a free email account? It's sad that folks just dont know how the heck to act and steps have to be taken to remedy situations in which innocent will loose out on such a great forum. As for me I think my position is well noted. I hope you dont deny the use of free email accounts. Thanks! This is just my opinion and you know what they say about opinions! LOL
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    email addresses are NEVER shown in the public board here, even if you tell it to allow mail (if you allow mail, it'll use the SSG mailthrough system which doesn't show email addresses and requires being a logged-in user to use). Either way, only SirSteve can see your email address directly.
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    Yes, but when the person gets your email, it shows your email right on it.

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    Originally posted by Nexu
    Yes, but when the person gets your email, it shows your email right on it.
    So don't use the email system to send outgoing mail. If you are that concerned about email anonymity, use PM instead. It's a service for you to receive mail without threat of exposing your email address, not to send it anonymously.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    "In Brooklyn, a castle, is where dwell I"
    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    I was pointing out that something you posted was wrong. I said nothing about PM's.


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