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    LOL Thanks for the pc class Nexu! How much do I owe you???
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    Originally posted by Nexu
    First one's free of charge.
    That's how they hook you!

    Besides Nexu's point about IP changing, there are other technical reasons that are equally complicated. But the short answer is "no".
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    For NT, 2000 you go to command promt and type:

    for basic information:

    for more detailed information:
    ipconfig /all

    This will give your IP address.

    BTW, good explanation Nexu.

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    Im not a newbie, although my posts may reflect that, but I did sign up using my hotmail account, which like others, I use for sites that dont really need my true personal email.. at first anyway. Of course this site has reflected a positive towards filling my inbox with worthless stuf***e, and I appreciate that - not like it matters anymore, as Spam seems to lurks EVERYWHERE... I would however, like to know ahead of time though, if I'll need to change my email to remain a part of the group. I may not get here as often as I would like, so please keep me informed..

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    What about those who don't have personal e-mail accounts because they use a college PC which is shared and non personal.
    Shared use is rife. You gonna ban them outright just cuz they don't have a personal IP addie? That sucks - and blows - both at the same time. Not everybody can afford the luxury of a PC. So the only alternative for them is to use a crummy internet cafe or a college PC bank machine. You're going to exclude the unfortunate then just for being that - unfortunate and poor. BOOO sucks to you!

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    There's always webtv.
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