I've actually been looking at "Ken's Clothes" in the Barbie section to see if I can find a shirt like Jango's Kamino fatigues he's wearing when Obi-Wan comes over for a visit.

I'd like to set up Jango with his son, out of his armor. It's a great headsculpt, but it's also such a darn cool helmet to have him with it on!

What to do?

I bought 2 Ultimate Jango's... One is to hopefully pose with his son. I liked their chemistry in the movie and it was very cool to see them working together, Boba learning from his daddy.

The other Jango will be posed fighting my Mace Windu. I have an extra E1 Mace, (1 for the Council, and 1 for a scene from E2 - and it's gotta be THIS!). I have saved the best sculpt/paint job on a TRU exclusive Mace at my local store - hid it because it's not like anyone will go looking for it next to the 20 other Mace's they could choose from there. But I haven't decided whether I want this figure or not. It's always good to have an extra Mace if you're making scenes with your 12".

Anyway, I'm going to do the Kamino Escape scene with the electronic figures since they'll interact with one another and it makes sense to use that Obi-Wan and at least buy something different. (I got 3 of those electronic 14" Vaders and would've bought more if I hadn't gotten control of myself!)

So I think 3 Jango's would do it:

Electronic vs. Electronic Obi-Wan
Ultimate vs. Mace
Ultimate w.o. armor with his son.

Now I need them to come out with a Boba Fett. What's Hasbro waiting for? They have the 6" Anakin pilot mold. I'm sure that body's not too useful for GI Joe's...

Make Episode 2 Boba Fett already! Will ya?