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    Talking Jedi,The needs,the wants,and the Offical

    I know every one loves the jedi so...Besides the fact that were getting Barriss Offee,Alay Secure,and Colmen Tembor Next year whos on your list for The needs,the wants,and Offical i want every one in this pic whos on your list?This means every jedi not just in EP2.
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    I want all of them plus a new EpI Obi-Wan, a new Anakin, a new EpII Obi-Wan, and a new Mace!
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    i want a new OT obi-wan, a throne room duel of palpy, luke, and vader. and maybe a yarell poof figure, because he is a very cool jedi! he just wobbles his head around while he's on the council. oh, and better lightsabers for the figs! make them a HELL of alot sturdyer because out of the 2 yodas that i have got out of the pakc, BOTH of there blades broke off!!!!!!!!! HASBRO MUST FIX THIS!
    ahh...glad i got that of my chest!

    EDIT IN: oh, yeah! i aggree with you jek, on the mace! defintly need a new one of him with a removable robe!!!!
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    All Jedi COuncil Members should be made. I would also like Qui-lon Vos.
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    I would like to see the Klatooinian Jedi who was visible in the arena (there were actually two, but I want the male one who didn't drop his lightsaber and run away like a girl). He was most visible in the stand-off with all the Super Battle Droids, just before Yoda arrives with the cavalry.

    Aside from him, I want Even Piel and Yaddle.
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    It be cool to have mace with a flamming robe.
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    That would be a really cool Idea mylow thehutt!!!!!!

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    I think it would be a cool idea that we have a new Mace Windu... Please!! We definitely need a neutral pose Mace!! I can't wait for the Ayala Secura to be released!! Also Coleman

    Cheers all
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    flaming robes....... thats almost as bad as the one we have, how about just a plain fighting mace, or robed mace that can do the standoff with jango pose>?
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    watchin chappelles show the lost episodes.
    the unleashed mace has a flaming robe. that is going to rock!
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