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    There's G2-4T (the yellow one we're getting) very close to the ride itself. Then there's G2-9T, a green fellow workng on the R5 down in the pit thing.
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    What I meant to say, is that in the CA park, the G2-4T and G2-9T droids are identical. Are they different in Florida?

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    Star Tours at Disneyland in CA only features three different droids (aside from 3PO and Artoo). I'm assuming the rest of the figures we are seeing are of droids seen at Star Tours at Disneyworld in Florida (and maybe Euro Disney and Tokyo Disney).

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    That's what I thought. Perhaps this new one is the droid seen only in silhouette in the light box between the two G2 droids.

    Oh, and there are actually 5 unique droids to the CA Tours, including the R5-D4 and R4-M9.

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    Really?! I go to Disneyland about once a year, and I've never noticed the other two! Go figure!

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    I posted this over in the Polls thread. I'll repost it here for you.

    Used to work on Star Tours at Dland. Here are the droids I remember...

    R2-D2 - Repairing Starspeeder in main queue
    C-3P0 - Standing at conlsole in main queue
    DL-X2 - I don't recall this droid having a name (it was just known as the security droid). It is in the lower droid room, standing in a corner. All it did was extend its arm.
    R4-M9 - (Already released) This droid stood motionless in the center of the lower droid room, directly under...
    G2-9T - As was said before, this one was once in the America Sings show as one of the singing geese (hence the G2 name.) This is in the middle on the lower droid room, working on...
    R5-D4 - (Or similar droid) Another motionless droid.
    Mouse Droid - Not the common one from the films, but a small droid running around the middle of the lower droid room on a track.
    ??-?? - Silhouetted Droid in shadow box between lower and upper droid room.
    G2-4T - Goose droid from upper droid room.
    RX-24 - (Voiced by Paul Reubens) Captain Rex. Pilot for all starspeeders.


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