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    Question Ultimate Action Fleet?

    Has anybody resently been to a TRU and notice the Zoids Ultimate Liger Zero? I noticed the it was done by Hasbro. The thing had light-up thrusters and claws. Sounds for the thrusters, and when you tilted the head back it roared. Very nice. It also had a AF size figure to go into the cockpit.

    Anyway, why doesn't Hasbro do that for the Star Wars Action Fleet? Think about it. The Millennium Falcom, Slave-1, Jedi Starfighter with Hyperdrive Ring, Queen Amidala's Royal Starship, AT-TE, AT-AT. Or how about the Republic Gunship? All with light, sound and mini figs. Now, I'm not saying to do all the AF like that, but there are alot of ships from all the movies that would be awesome for a Ultimate Action Fleet.

    Just a thought
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    Good idea !

    A new Deluxe "FX" line ?

    Regretfully, the Collector Fleet line and their cool lighted reactors has passed away (R.I.P.). The ugly thing on these ships was the buttons on the top... Why didn't they put them under the ship ?

    Lights effects would be fine but the Remote-Control AF aren't really exciting.

    The electronics will surely increase the price.
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