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    Thumbs down woes with

    Hello out there in collector land!!!

    I have been having difficulties with FIGURESANDTOYS.COM- I pre-ordered several of the new figures about 2 months ago. None of them have been shipped to me as of yet. I am able to find the new Han, Luke and Vader in the stores and have been able to for about the last month and a half. The website is still showing the arrival date for these figures as "TBD" (to be determined). The Shmi that I ordered has come and gone and they are out-of-stock.

    My question is- has anyone had any problems with this outfit? I am about ready to cancel my order because this wait is ridiculous. I understand that they have a disclaimer stating that they may not get the items in before the chain stores, but COME ON!!! The chain stores have gotten shipment after shipment of these pieces in since the waves started to arrive!

    all I have to say is... well... my friend showed up with all the new waves for me today and I don't need to get this order anymore...
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    Chill dude. It isn't always the fault of the store. Sometimes it really is the suppliers who don't ship out by deadlines and set dates. My friend owns a comic store and recieved a shipment the other day that should have arrived in september - september of 2000 Now that was from a wel known supplier who shall we say have a gem stone in their name.
    Point is, the size of the store determines how well they get treated by suppliers. If they only buy small quantities then the suppiers are less likely to fulfill the shipment on time or even at all. It's the nature of the trade game. Contact FIGURESANDTOYS.COM and don't get irate with them as that will not get you good service. Simply explain your concerns and hopefully the lack of aggresion on your part will elicit a more candid approach when they explain the delay. Niceness doesn't cost anything and will achieve far more than shouting at them because you have an over active imagination and convinced yourself it's persecution and they hate you or something
    Seriously though, just talk calmly to them and I'm sure you'll get a decent response.

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    Well... believe me... I am nothing but nice about such things. I worked many years on "the other side of the counter". I have nothing but respect for people in service jobs.
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    Thumbs down

    A similar thing happened to me, but with the Phantom Menace DVD...its everywhere in stores...but i have to wait for mine to arrive...

    Anyway...thats what i get for being impulsive!!
    As always...........L

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    Thumbs down yes

    I had problems with them too. I waited for about 3 months for the Lando wave. They kept saying, next month, next week, etc. But eventually I cancelled and found them all at TRU.
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