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Thread: I'm back!

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    I'm back!

    Hello, my friends!

    It's been a while. It all started back at the end of July, when JT gave me a 48-hour ban that lasted about five days. Before the ban was over I went to JROTC summer camp and we've moved while I've been gone, so this is my first chance I've had in a while to get online.

    So how have you all been? In my absense I understand no flame wars took place...what a surprise!

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    The Great Circle of.....Stuff.
    yes, we were much happier without you. I was going to start a thread titled "Hvae our dreams come true?" but there's no point now.....

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    Down Nexu Down!

    Now listen! The knees may be easier to attack, but the throat is more effective....

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    Sorry, but I have to say if you were just gonna start a flame war.. DON'T REPLY.
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    Somebody please close this thread before it gets ugly.
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    Good to have you back DeadEye!! I know it's hard to get back into things after a long absence but you soon will.

    "You were my brother, Anakin. I loved you!" - Obi-Wan Kenobi
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    I'm pleased to see you back Deadeye!

    BTW, how's Natalie settleing in at the new home?
    (Sorry, just couldn't resist!)
    "Giggety giggety!"

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    would it be possible for everyone to play nice--just this once?

    it would make ol' 'narky so happy if we could all just get along
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    This is SO going God help us. No, Jonna help us (sorry God, Jonna's a little more "fast acting" in a pinch like this one).

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    What, what was that!?! Sorry I could not get here quicker; I was on the toilet.
    ..... ..... .....:happy: :happy: :happy: :happy: :happy: :happy: :happy:


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