Ok Iím not advertising or anything, (hence no link) but on one of the other sci-fi boars I frequent, are doing and interview with Matthew Stover, one of the authors involved in the EU, this is a small board in comparison to here, and focuses on lots of different shows, and things, so thereís not a lot of star wars guys there, (thereís only one S/W forum, and that only re-opened when the new movie came out). To be honest there struggling a bit for questions and I thought there would probably be a lot more people here who have read his stuff. If you can think of any good questions, then please post them here, and Iíll submit them for you, obviously I will come back with the responses as well, (Iíll post the whole interview if you guys are interested) if anyone wants the link to the site then Iíll certainly give it out over PM, but like I say itís not a S/W or toy board, and I didnít want to post the link here because I donít want to anyone anyone.

Hope you guys can help