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    Thumbs down Law Would Limit DVD Viewings!!

    Saw a link to this news story posted on one of my DVD sites, and I am furious as hell. If this law actually passes, it's going to destroy the home video market. It's pretty much just DIVX turned into a ludicrous law. Here's a copy of the story, as well as a link to it and to's reaction.

    Dealers Worry About Efforts By Copyright Holders
    Posted: 8:59 a.m. EDT August 12, 2002

    Piracy is probably the No. 1 threat to the video industry, but it's not the only one.

    Sean Bersell, with the video and DVD trade group, the Video Software Dealers Association, says there are concerns about efforts by copyright holders. He says they're trying to restrict and limit the use of home video products by placing so-called "locks" on digital products. In other words, a consumer would not be able to watch a video or DVD multiple times.

    There's a measure in the U.S. Senate just now that would do just that.

    Bersell says the bill would allow copyright holders to place a code on a DVD that would allow it to be viewed a certain number of times or be played only on the first DVD player that it is viewed on.

    After that, it would lock up and be unplayable.

    Bersell believes this will become a big issue in the years ahead.

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    I'm not concerned, that will never happen.

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    WHAT?! That's so asinine. How could they make a DVD do that on the current players? They would have to revamp the whole system and require newer players with the locking technology to play these newer discs.
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    That is a pretty retarded idea, and I doubt it will get any further than the idea stage.

    The solution for piracy is to make things widely available at low prices. Often DVD prices are much higher than needed to turn a profit. Also, if they want to stop piracy, they should DO something about it. Not just ***** and moan about how it is cutting into their profits. Make the FBI actually do investigations, and actually enforce the penalties. As long as people stay small time with their piracy, they know they have nothing to worry about, because they are just a minnow in a small sea of big fish. The FBI only focuses on the big fish. Problem with that is, because piracy is so easy now, there are only a few fish, and the minnows are the ones causing the majority of the "damage".

    SO, in my opinion, they should stop price gouging if they want piracy to decrease.
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    Um...well that's dumb, then VHS will make a big come back that's for sure.

    $20+ to only view the movie once? I don't think so. If they want to stop copyright piracy, maybe they should crack down on SECURITY and not the CONSUMERS.
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    about as dumb as it gets. better not happen for AOTC!!!! or all of us here will be very PO'd.

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    If this is the case why would people buy DVD's at all?

    We would just have to rent from the local video store.

    And speaking of the local video would THAT work?

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    They would definitely need new hardware. Hollywood has never gotten over its arcane desire to charge the consumer for every viewing of its films. I suppose the short memories cannot recall the DIVX debacle. They kicked and screamed like babies when VCRs came out, and now this. Well, the consumer drives everything, and if no one buys it, they won't sell it. I for one will be buying bootlegs unencoded.
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    This has got to be an April Fools, right? What, not April ?? There is no WAY this could be done, is there? PLEASE DON'T LET IT BE SO!!! What kind of idiot would do that to DVDs? If it was done I'm sure there would be protests and petitions, etc. the public would win!

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    Well I know that if a law like that ever did get passed I would no longer buy dvds, a large amount of people would stop buying tem as well and people would probably blame hollywood and stop seeing movies all together, the result of course would be hollywood screwing itself.
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