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    Whats The WORST POTJ Figure?

    well well well,heaps of bad figures out in the collecting community

    But which one is the Worst? Worst Detail? Bad Weapons? Horrible Force File picture/info? etc

    Worst? what can I say the first few waves with Maul -Break apart and that,Just horrible IMO!

    Who is the WORST in your opinion?

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    Hmm..Everyone knows that Choco Wan sucks sooo....I think I'll say Moisture Farmer Qui-Gonn. His arms are all goofy and stuff.
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    Thumbs down

    Crusade Maul
    Cold weather Obi-Wan
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    Chocobi-Wan gets my current vote, but Amanaman and Ephont Man are my future predictions.

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    evenflow I am soooo shocked! The ColdB1 figure is the best sculpt of him to date! What's not to like, except that it's a freakin' EU figure.

    Definitely the worst is Bobby Fisher Chewie. He's a one-pose wonder and that's it. The only thing he's good for besides target practice with my .22 is if you're making a Millenium Falcon ANH diorama and want to get that single pose in.

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    Co-co covered Obi. gets the vote in Texas! I agree on the Chewie though he isn't good for poses at all. If they would have made his elbows jointed whole new ball game ,but they didn't though they are learning did you see that Impieral officer that can put his hands behind his back and stand at attention! Sweet!
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    I'm honestly tempted to say Aurra Sing (quickly ducks a hundreds of chocoWans being thrown at him by angry Sing fans)

    It's not that there isn't anything good about her, she does have one blaster holster, and the likeness is pretty good. It's just that she was the biggest disappointment for me by far. I couldn't care less that she's missing her antennae, but why why why why why did they give her those horrible hip joints and NO waist movement. I've been trying to rationalize that ever sincve I got her and I just can't, besides sheer laziness.

    This doesn't necessarily make her the worst POTJ figure, just the most dissappointing one to me.
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    I can't think of a more pointless resculpt than Mechanic Anakin. Articulated knees, whoopty-doo.

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    Magic Shell Obi-Wan
    Extra-large hands Farmer Qui-Gon (good for milking Banthas)

    everything after those was pretty good.

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    I agree with most of you, with the worst being:
    Mechanic Anakin: What is the point?
    Dejerak Chewie: Can only do one pose.
    Moisture Qui-Gon: Hands can't hold lightsaber.
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