I just bought the Star Tours Droids that are a exculsive to disney. I keeped reading a lot of complaints about these figures. So I decided I'd give a reveiw of what I thought. Unlike a lot of people have been saying that the toys they are not cheap plastic. They are actually very detailed. I have always though the characters from the ride were very cool and always wanted one as a kid.

The only ones I was able to find were captain rex and the G2 droid. Both figures are suprisingly very articulated. Espeacialy Captain REX. I did get to see the R2 droid loose in a display and I also was very impressed with it. The paint job and the see through head is pretty neat. The only minor complaint is the lack of detail on the G2 droid. I expected it to be painted more like Episode one C-3P0. In all these are really cool and are up to par with any other saga figure. . I cant wait for the next set to get the micheivous G2 looking droid who is repairing the R4 in the line.

All I can say is you really should gives these figure a chance. They definetly look a lot better in person. I'm interested in knowing what everyone else who has them thinks.