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    Death Star Set Conspiracy!

    I have come to warn of the conspiracy by Hasbro.

    As many of you may know, there is a sad addiction slowly weaving it's way through our ranks. It started right here with Tycho and has consumed many of us here on SSG.

    I admit that I too have fallen prey to the mouse droid. YES, I have sniffed the mouse droid. And I'm not ashamed to admit it.

    But there is a NEW conspiracy by Hasbro. A conspiracy to get us all hooked!!!

    I am talking about the new Death Star Accessory Set!

    NO, it's not what you think. I am NOT talking about the new improved Ultra Motorized Awesome Mouse Droid (AKA.....UMA Mouse). No...I am talking about the new Trooper himself!!!

    That's right! I have personally examined the "New" Death Star Trooper. Oh, sure it "appears" to be the exact same Death Star Trooper from the old FF line....right down to it's little 1998 LFL footsie stamp and it's peramanant chin stap.

    But beware! He's not molded from the same plastic as our harmless little friend from 1998. Oh no!

    After opening one of the new sets I am CONVINCED that he is mfg. from the exact same plastic as all the mouse droids.

    Now I'm not saying that this is a bad thing...everything in moderation. I just want everyone to be careful. This set should NOT...I repeat...should NOT be opened by rookies, or those that have a history of addiction.

    That is all.

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    I just checked mine, and you are half right. The rest of the figure is the same as the 1998 version, nice sturdy hard plastic. But check the legs. They are the new softer plastic, and have that nice PVC plastic scent to them. I haven't checked my original, but I wonder if they altered the legs so he's in less of a running pose. Even if they didn't, the new legs are definatly the newer plastic.

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    Indeed you are correct my good man. It is the legs, but trust me the combination of the new legs and UMA mouse is a strong combination.

    As for the leg pose
    I'm sorry to say
    I'm sad to report
    I haven't seen any change of that sort

    On the bright side
    what a wonder
    a prepose
    Hasbro one pose wonder

    Hey, give me a break, my daughter is 6 months old. It's bound to affect me.

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    I don't have EITHER of the Death Star Troopers, and now I am feeling sad.
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    I'm just totally lost right now!
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    HMMMMM new plastic.......that smelll.......HMMMMMMMMMM

    Hasbro CEO to designers team:
    Star Wars Collectors,
    They must be dead by now...
    Destroy what's left of them !

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    But can it beat the smell of the inside of a new Hot Wheels car carry case?
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    I have noticed the plastic on the new Death Star Trooper. I don't mind too much, I really like the Death Star Trooper. People have told me I look like him, weird.
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    Originally posted by JarJarBinks
    I haven't checked my original, but I wonder if they altered the legs so he's in less of a running pose.
    Nope, the new Death Star Set Trooper is exactly the same mold as the original POTF2 Trooper. But I will say that my new accessory set Trooper stands up MUCH better than my original. Maybe the original's legs are a little warped but it has never been able to stand unassisted. Oh well, I'm going to customize both of them into normal stances anyway
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    This is off topic, but Jedi_Master_Guyute your avatar is great! Gotta love those mooninites!


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