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    No new ideas this week just the same old request: can we have a Yarna D'al Gargan figure please? Thank you.

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    Originally posted by EMPEROR JARGO
    Looking at the new mace Windu with wiggly arms controlled by that HUGE thing in his back, I was wondering if maybe some sort of gettin' down to the groove wobble action might be incorporated into a Yarna figure. Y'know, hold her legs and squeeze and yarna sways from side to side or maybe raises her arms in the air like she just don't care and waggles those ample hips back and forth....
    You could make her a deluxe figre by adding a mobile disco complete with DJ as seen at the last wedding you went to. If Hasbro really wanted wanted to over board, they could include a Karoke feature to sing along to your favourite Star Wars Tunes.

    Just a thought.

    This is in no way, shape, or form a *bump*, but


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    Have you seen the support for Yarna in the polls section Hasbro? "Which figure from Jabba's palce would you like to see next?" Yarna has a whopping margin over other choices. With Hermi Odle coming up close behind. See, I told you it would be a smart move to make her. She's in demand all righty! Okay so you don't need to go nuts on producing millions of her that'll pegwarm forever but she warrants a release at least.
    She really would sell. It's a size thing isn't it? Apart from her being one of the dancers and part of the band scenario, she's a big character and people like the big characters because they represent value for money. People are prepared to pay out for smaller figures if they also get large ones to balance that out. Look how poular Dexter Jettster and Ephant Mon are. large characters that sell like hot cakes.
    Please release a Yarna in 2003. pleeeeeeease. pretty please with a cherry on top. C'mon, I've been really nice lately and not slated anything. I've been really positive about the stuff coming out, I've been selling stuff to folk for you, people have changed their opinions because I've sold stuff to them, I've been giving you fantastic product ideas, I've been buying stuff in the caseloads, spent more on star wars toys this year than i did food. What do i have to do to get you to make this figure????????????

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    Hasbro you should really see Yarna beating the competition in a poll currently running. If that isn't proof of what I've been saying i don't know what is. You just have to make her, there's no way out. Yarna, with Rappertunie, hermi odle and Bubo are the four that are coming out tops with yarna right up there beating off all competition with aplomb. It's time she was made. You could announce her now and shut me up. Say you're planning her for a late summer release. Just say she's on the schedule. There's no possible reason for not making her. I'm begging now, see how low I've stooped? But i'm begging you to make her.

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    I also voted for Yarna in the current poll. You have released many figures of more obscure characters and they have done well. We have made several suggestions in other threads on how you can packager her, including, as a regular figure with another small figure, as a screen scene, and as part of a "Cantina Bar"-like Set for Jabba's palace. Please make Yarna.
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    Hasbro should really consider doing the Jabba Palace sets. Jabba the Hutt
    Yarna D'al Gargan w/ Bubo
    and other aliens
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    C'mon, you silly Hasbro people! The fact that this thread is one of a very small number that's gone strong for more than a month, much less a year (10/18/01) should tell you something. The fact that it's not only Emperor Jargo keeping it alive should as well.

    Bottom line: MAKE YARNA!! Heck, if you have to, package her with Lame Darth Maul EU Variant #4,632,829--JUST GET HER OUT TO US ALREADY!!!!
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    Okay, time for this weeks shunt back to the top of the heap and this weeks request that you make Yarna D'al gargan please. No frills, no fuss, just a simple please can we have this figure soon. thanks.

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    I know this thread is running into dangerous territory it being mostly comprised of EMPEROR JARGO posts, but all I can say is - can we have a Yarna D'al Gargan action figure please Hasbro?

    Thanks you.

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    Come on Hasbro, can't you see your causing poor Jargo here emotional torment by not making this lovely lady? With the level of sculping possible now adays, I know ya could do her justice. Hell, if you are so unsure of her popularity, stick her on the next Fan Choice Figure poll.

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