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    Hello hasbro, haven't forgotten about this y'know. I still want the fat lady that doesn't sing made into a lovely little 4" figure. if you can manage to make a large figure like Ephant Mon or Amanaman then this one shouldn't pose too much of a problem. I mean you make the creatures and the aliens so well and Yarna is pretty close to being a creature or an alien in that she's so darned ugly.

    You're concentrating on the cantina I know, but couldn't we get at least some kind of sign that she'll make it to the figure stage before the toys completely dry up?

    And what kind of positive role model do these skinny twi'lek girls set to kids who are probably overweight and unhappy about it? Shouldn't there at least be some kind of positive role model for fat ugly kids too? Yarna could be that role model if you made her.
    It wouldn't be hard to find that old vintage prototype to work from either. I'm sure your friend Steve Sansweet has one in his collection that he'd be willing to lend you. I think it would be a fitting tribute to Claire Davenport to have one of her most famous performances immortalised in plastic. Have I said that already? Sorry. At least I'm consistent

    So, whaddaya say?

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    Mmmmmmmm:happy: :happy: :happy: Claire Davenport and her six would make me


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    If the Emperor is no more, who's gonna fight his corner for him?

    I think someone should go and collect his ideas and then repost them so we can all see what a genius he was/is(?)

    I think it's kinda funny the way he just banged on and on about stuff like he knew he hadn't got a hope in hell of being listened to but what the heck - he'd say it anyway! Big up to the deposed Emperor. may his ideas shine forever more........

    Oh yeah and what about that Yarna figure eh? I'm up for one to finish off the dancers set. Ugly moo that she is, she'll look cool in the display. Now that's one figure I'd say yes to dynamic posing of. She'd look so cool in that sort of fat lady skipping dance she did.

    yeah I'm up for Jargo's Yarna petition. Hasbro ya heard the man, get it done and honor his memory........
    Scooobydoo, where are you!!!

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    If they are gonna make her...

    They should craft her frontal chestibules using that weighted balance gimmick like the one used in making those noddy head dogs, cats, cows, what have you that people put in the backs of their autos. That way... when you move her... they'll bobble up and down with the grace (?) they did in the film. Now THAT'S a gimmick I'd like to see employed in the creation of a STAR WARS figure...


    Yeah... they oughta make old Yarna soon. She's long overdue... (insert wiseacre comment here)!
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    Yarna! Yarna! Yarna! Yarna! Yarna! Yarna!

    This is one of the tops of my list of unmade figures.
    Bring on the obscure!!

    I'm sure she will be made.

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    This figure I believe is one of the few left from my original first or second "wanted" list that I sent Hasbro that hasn't been produced yet. I think we will see her sooner or later as well, especially since Lucasfilm has kinda tried to erase her EU lifestyle.

    MTFBWY and HH!!

    Jar Jar Binks

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    I'm wondering what's more appealing to collectors, the fact that she's such a darn cool looking weirdo character or the fact that she has the extra you know whats? maybe we could have a poll started about Yarnas droopies vs her actual character and persona. How many people would buy the figure for her grotesque face and ample sixze before looking at that aspect of her? How many would see a chick with loads of norks on a peg and go all Beavis and butthead? It's a thought...

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    I have a question here. Where is this Hasbro database he was talking about?? Id like to see this. And yes yarna would be a great addition along with the rest of the band and the Elom and Whipid guy.

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    Norks. Y'know - jugs, marys, bristols, funbags, that kind of thing

    It's a pc thing. you have to know all kinds of slang words to avoid offending the laydees when you work in a factoree. they don't like the use of the other words that most commonly get used in those top shelf magazines. It's like a spoken readers digest 'improve your word power' thing Claire Davenport is of course famous for her norks as seen in the great british film 'It shouldn't happen to a window cleaner' and 'Steam' with that other great norkstress, Diana Dors. great laydees of the silver screen who are vastly underated IMO. If they ever made a return to star wars in the future they could get someone like Rosanne Barr to play a Gargan type laydee. Rosey has just as ample norks as Claire and the belly rolls to go with them. no problem getting those six cup over shoulder boulder holders to fit Rosey.

    getting back to the point though. Why haven't we got a Yarna coming out with Ephant Mon? That'd be great wouldn't it - two fantastic Jabba's palace characters at once. Pity Hasbro don't work that way.
    Scooobydoo, where are you!!!


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