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    Amanamike, I was talking about the official databank entries. They have most of the characters in there and the one for Yarna was profiled when they did a focus on the characters of jabba's palace a while back. If you go to the main page you just type YARNA D'AL GARGAN into the search box under the poll and it'll bring up any web pages on their site with her on it. just look for databank entries and VOILA! there's the stuff i was talking about. Or hit thi link Yarna
    Strange but i believe Claire Davenport is still knocking around doing the UK convention circuit. What a sad way to end a life in showbiz. I wish someone would dig out all her movies and host a retrospective Claire davenport classice season on TV or in some small cinema somewhere. Y'know, like a real tribute to her talents.

    I wish I'd had a chance to work with her in her heyday. She looks like loads of fun to be around. Sorry, digressing again.

    So hasbro - I still have no word from you about this Yarna issue. You don't have to answer here just announce that she's going to be released at the same time as Ephant Mon. that's all. Easy really. And if it's Georgey boy stopping you then just give the chinless slug a good thwack with a light up saber and tell him you're making her regardless. This is all i ask. apart from the fact that i want you to stop using the horrible vinyl to make figures and accessories out of. that and a stoppage on wide leg stances for figures. Some classic small vehicles and the shuttle Tydirium and a sandcrawler and a thank you for coming up with so many great ideas
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    We really do need a Yarna D'al Gargan figure now, to commemerate the memory of the actress who played her, who died tuesday. My thoughts are with her family during this time. Here is the news from "":

    Paul from Sci Fi Shows reports in:

    I received a telephone call from the brother of Claire Davenport on Tuesday 5th March, she was the actress that played Yarna, the big dancer in Jabba's palace. As I have been a friend to Claire for some years now! I last saw Claire around 2 weeks ago and she was not very well then!

    It is with great regret that I have to report that Claire passed away on Monday the 4th of March of renal failure, she fell ill last week and lost consciousness and slipped in to a coma state, she passed away quietly on Monday afternoon.

    Our thoughts go out to her remaining family.

    MTFBWY and HH!!

    Jar Jar Binks

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    A deeply saddening piece of news. It's imperative now that Hasbro do something special to honour her memory. I wish they'd managed to do so sooner as Claire is still one the great unsung ladies of the theatre and cinema. Larger ladies find it hard enough to get work that is often stolen from under their noses by skinny 'prettier' waif like actresses. That Claire could find work at all is the achievement. Especially in a time of dire hardship for the entertainment industry here in the UK.

    Claires performance in Return of the Jedi may have been all too brief but it is electrifying. It's clear that there was more to Claire than ugly make-up and a silly hat. She didn't have to exert any acting muscles as Claire was just Claire. A natural.

    As I stated above, my regret is that as an actor I never got to work with her. I'd have liked that very much. may she rest happy now.

    Here's to Claire, I salute her.

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    Yarna should definately be made. She's easily one of the most recognizable charcters in Jabba's Palace even though most people don't know who she is. The following should also be made from Jabba's:

    Hermi Odle
    Old Klaatu

    I think that would satisfy most collectors. It would me anyways.
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    I'm up for any character from Jabba's palace. Even though, right now, my palace is getting a little full.
    Eventually though, I think I would like to see the remaining members of Jabba's band and just a few "odd-ball" aliens. I really can't wait for Ephant Mon, but again, I just don't know where I'm going to put him, especially with his size.
    Anyway, you can put me down for a yes vote on this one.

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    Thumbs up

    I have been pushing for her figure to be made dor a really long time. I think that now is the perfect oppertunity for Hasbro to produce her. I think enough people want her, come on Hasbro please make her.
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    Originally posted by EMPEROR JARGO
    It wouldn't be hard to find that old vintage prototype to work from either. I'm sure your friend Steve Sansweet has one in his collection that he'd be willing to lend you.
    He does, only it lacks arms

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    just bumpin' her up again...

    that prototype was okay for way back, but really we need something more fitting as a tribute to Claire. I don't think that the arms spread in salute of jabba is the pose to go for but I think Yarna either stood with a drink in her hand or yarna dancing would be the way to go. Mixing with the other miscreants of the court.

    She simply must be made or we'll all be stuck with endless Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan resculpts forever.....!

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    Whoa! New photo, Jargo. Ever think of playing a young Tarkin in Episode III? If Temeura can snag a role, why not you? Anybody know Roibn Gurland's number?

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    Rollo, you'll never get her number if you get her name wrong - Roibn?

    I'd just love to be considered for a role in star wars. Who wouldn't? Tarkin.... Now that's something I'm not too sure about. maybe third ugly geezer at the back of the crowd is more for me. Or a masked alien.


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