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    Her names not Roibn?!? Mannn, no wonder she hasn't returned my calls all these years...

    Hey, Hasbro! Where's our Yarna D'al Gargan figure? How many figures get their own threads? Capt. Colton Antilles, Jedi Knight Luke, Handmaidens, and Yarna!

    I smell a wave that would sell like hotcakes!:happy:

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    They could do an ugly wave containing Yarna D'al gargan, Hermi Odle, gragra, Bubo, J'quille, Dianoga, Wioslea. Perfect! now that wave would sell surely?

    Give Yarna a pack in of Rappertunie, Bubo could pack with Herat the fan holding Jawa, the Dianoga could come with a new Luke in stormtrooper disguise which would be easy to do with the commtech body - just sculpt a new head onto the figure.

    Wioslea could I suppose come with CZ-1. he wanders through the speeder lot scene and it would be a cool way to finally get him. Gragra could also be a deluxe figure with her Gorg stall, all froggy things hanging and wotnot. We already have the Jar Jar to go with it.

    Just for pete's sake get cracking on the Yarna figure please. I'm not getting any younger while I wait patiently and impatiently

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    Just bumping this back up as I patiently await the news that YES, there will indeed be a Yarna figure gracing the collection later this year....... Well, I can live in hope can't I?

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    You can hope just as much as I am, please Habro give us this figure. I have faith.
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    Jargo. I am going to Celebration II. While I'm there I'll ask Hasbro what the GONK! is going on with this figgie.

    I also plan on saying "Duuuuuuuuude..." to Rick when I see him.
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    That'd be really cool EP. And can you get a picture of Ricky's face when you say it please. That'd be priceless.

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    This keeps getting bumped back up to the top of the heap! I don't mind though...


    ahem... I feel MUCH better now.
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    I still would like to see an ROTJ Jabba, Yarna, Hermie, Bubo, and new Luke for my Jabba's Throne Room scene.

    Looks like we won't get any of them this year, though, unfortunately.
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    You never know, stuff could be coming later in the year. I hope that the classic line will not be forgotten this year. I know the focus will be on Episode II, but I hope a few will get in there.
    "It can't rain all the time."

    "Quote the Raven, Nevermore."

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    Well, the AOTC stuf takes precedence but with Ephant Mon coming in July(?) why not a Yarna at the same time? Or a Yarna for the winter assortments? Yarna and Jabba as a deluxe pack. They said they'd make beasts as deluxe figures if they were't large enough to justify beast designation. Well jabba isn't technicaly a beast because he's smaller like the Nexu from AOTC, so he could qualify as the deluxe figure size. You'd kill two birds with one stone by shoving Yarna with jabba. But I'd rather just get Yarna with Rappertunie on a single card. Jabba should come with Bubo or Herat the Jawa.

    But what are we talking about Jabba for when this is a Yarna thread? What are you trying to do hijacking this thread for your nefarious Jabba craving? Yarna needs this thread all to herself. We've already had Four jabba's and never once had a Yarna. Go find your own jabba thread ya punk


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