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    Heck, while were on it, why not Hasbro finishing up with the rest of Jabba's entertainers? Howzabout, aside from Yarna, they also give us Rappertunie, Umpass Stay, and Ak Rev?

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    Well I've been saying that all along really..... But Yarna would be such a good start.

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    If they package Yarna, Jabba and Rappertunie together... they could call it the "Fatty Three Pack"
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    YAY! I love that little belly that Rappertunie has got. I just found some new pics of him at the official site and he's well funky. Actually, he's bigger than I thought he was. Probably bigger than Yoda. So Him and Yarna would be like the Massif and Geonosian from AOTC. And if they can do it for AOTC then they can do it for Yarna and Rappertunie too. No excuses now Hasbro.

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    Just bumping this back up so it doesn't get lost again. Also just trying out my new Nute avatar which is rather funky. Needs some tweaking I think. his chin is geting lost in his clothing. Hmmm.....

    Anyways - any news on that Yarna figure yet hasbro? I'm bustin' my tush off trying to think of decent ideas for you and all you do is throw out those AOTC 'things' with those 'features' now that's not very fair is it? You know what we want if you really do read these forums so it's really rather churlish to ignore us and put that other stuff out so hindered by 'features' when we've been telling you how the figures should be made to suit us so we'll buy more and everybody gets what they want. Pegwarmer figures with 'features' aren't in best the interests of anybody are they? so why make the figures that way in the first place? even the kids hate them. So we'll have no more of this sillyness and no more 'features' on the figures. Just nice neutral poses and plenty of accessories and articulation. That's the ticket.

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    If they make a Yarna figure before the current fascination with features and statues die out, let's pray she's Collection 2. I'd rather have a statue of Yarna than "Yarna with Boogie Woogie Action!"
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    I can just see it now...she'll have that rump shakin' action going on like one of those hula girl bobble things. And just for good measure, I'm sure they'll throw in that same lizard monkey that came with Oola and Amanaman.
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    Don't tempt fate Rogue II, it's just too terrible to contemplate... *shudders* No, Miss Gargan should be unsullied and unfettered by bothersome gimicks and 'features', she should be either posed doing her famous "I'm too fat to lift my legs properly so I'll just hop instead" dance, or just neutrally and casually supping her drink like in that film still shot. I'll see if I can find the pic and post it so's you know what I'm on about.

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    Well, I do hope they make her without any extra features. But, I wonder how they are going to do it. Would they put her in with a ROTJ Jabba? Or, if she were to be released carded, what accessories would she come with? Maybe that Jawa? Maybe a few pillows for her? Hopefully, Hasbro will not be able to find a way to put force lightning or any blaster ice cream cones with her.
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    ...she should be either posed doing her famous "I'm too fat to lift my legs properly so I'll just hop instead" dance...

    Help! Stop! I can't breathe! That is hilarious. I love jargo's little euphemisms like the hamster ball analogy or Yoda's TIMMY! chair. Add this one to the list.

    PS Hasbro, get crackin' on Yarna. And a Sith Infiltrator. And Hem Dazon. And Alliance Techs. And a Cloud Car. And a Cloud Car Pilot. And Wooof. And Madine. Just get crackin' already!
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