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    What will be remembered & admired more: The LOTR or The Prequels?

    Simple question guys: will folk think the prequels were better in years to come than Jackson's LOTR trilogy?

    I have read the trilogy and thoroughly enjoyed it, which does not categorise me, before anyone asks, as a Tolkien fanatic!

    I happen to think that the LOTR trilogy will perform better than the SW prequels , and will be remembered as being a more superior collection of work. I am a little dismayed that the magic and brilliance, for want of better words, of the original trilogy was deficient this time round.

    What are your thoughts?
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    I too think LOTR will be remembered more than the prequels, and also probably the OT. I think Star Wars is a million times better than LOTR but Star Wars is starting to get old and the younger generation will be turning to newer films such as LOTR. It's hard to believe it but there will be a time in the distant future where Star Wars is completley forgotten. We all will the dead and our children's children will not be bothered with a saga of movie which happened about 25 years ago, but LOTR might still be popular because it's newer.

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    The success of LOTR:TFOTR is all the more sweet when you begin to compare the resources (FX) each director has at his disposal. WETA is way smaller than ILM, based in a remote corner of NZ and most probably has a smaller budget than ILM. Yet the effects used on LOTR were unbelievably better than ILM's efforts.

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    Actually, I think the Lord of The Rings trillogy had a pretty healthy budget.

    In any case, I do believe that the LOTR movies will be better remembered and loved than the Prequels.

    Consider this:

    LOTR has been a much loved series for over 50 years. My Grandparents were younger than ME when it came out!

    LOTR gained even MORE popularity with my generation when the cartoons were released.

    NOONE EVER believed it could be made into a live action trillogy, making the magic THAT much more impressive.

    As for the OT, I still do not think LOTR could beat the Original Trillogy. Star Wars sparked a popularity in a unique genre'! It was, is and always will be considered the begining of it all. Everything that Sci-Fi blockbusters are today is owed to Star Wars. IMHO

    The popularity of Star Wars paved the way for the likes of Star Trek (and soooo many others) to break through to the big screen.

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    I think you need to rephraise the question, because in 2005 I'm going to stop calling it the Prequal Trilogy and the Origional Trilogy and call it the Saga, so will the Lord Of The Rings Trilogy be remembered more than The Star Wars Saga, NO! Star Wars was the first, LOTR doesn't have all of the hype and eagerness to see the next film as Star Wars always has, also LOTR doesn't have the merchandise that Star Wars has, not many people collect the figures so when the films have gone away, they will most likely stop, Star Wars figures can be past on keeping the popularity alive, It'll be a long time yet before Star Wars is forgotten!

    So raise your glasses and join me in looking forward to another 25 YEARS AND MORE, of Star Wars collecting! And who knows if Lucas gets bored after 2005, 3 MORE FILMS!
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    They really are different beasts. Just like JK2002 said, Star Wars has a whole collecting hobby centered around the films that will likely never truely die. New collectors are joining the hobby and discovering the movies every year. After the LOTR's movies fade away, while they will still be popular, they won't be as popular as Star Wars as a whole.

    Just look at the toylines. The LOTR's toy line is pretty much a failure, the toys didn't sell well, alot of figures were postponed or cancelled. Star Wars has endured as a Toy Line for 16 years so far, counting Vintage and Modern. On the other hand, after the LOTR's movies pass, the toy line just won't have the legs.

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    But the film's shouldn't need a toyline to keep the spirit alive: they should endure regardless of the scale of merchandise associated with it. It is great that the toys are attracting kids of all ages toward the films, but most will see the films anyway because of the hype the movie receives and not necessarily because of the quality of toys hitting (or not) the shelves.

    The LOTR is a great trilogy and the FOTR a good opening movie, and yes the figures/ other merchandise never really skyrocketed like SW, but it is, I believe, the film, like the book, that will stand the test of time, just like the original SW movies have attracted a wider audience and a revered status.

    It is testament to the strength of FOTR, despite the lack of merchandise in comparision to SW, that it has surpased (so far) the prequels, in my opinion.

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    No, the film shouldn't need a toyline to keep the spirit alive, or to succeed. But in today's world, anything that gets the movie out there and into as many mediums as possible helps a film. LOTR's may be techincally amazing, but I would still say in the long run that Star Wars will remain more popular.

    Once LOTR's fades from the cinema after Return of the King, and then the DVD release, there is nothing to keep it out there. Not to mention that the Sword and Sorcery/Fantasy genre is not as popular as Sci-Fi.

    So yes, LOTR's will have a strong showing at the start. But as the years pass, Star Wars will shift back into the main focus. Especially in 2006 with the Archival Edition DVD's of the entire Saga. But again, they are different beasts.

    The LOTR's novels have existed for many years, but not everyone has read them. I haven't, most of the people that I know haven't. The real question, is whether the movies will be remembered and admired more then the books. Sadly I think that they will, because nobody really reads as much as they used to anymore.

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    Well i watched LOTR for the first time a couple of days ago and i think this movie SUCKED!!A waste of my $20.It's a fairy tale and i mean FAIRY i had to watch it twice because the first time i fell asleep and i really wasn't even tired.This movie does not even compare to ANY SW movies even Phanthom Menace!Star wars has a family tree in the movie and the fans are now passing it on to there little ones.It has it all,where LOTR fell way below any of the hype i've heard and seen for this movie.I really don't care to see any sequels to this movie(elves,dwalfs,and homelly little hobits)LOL LOL LOL.Do not believe the hype man!So my conclusion is that LOTR sucks and will not last,as will Harry Potter.The only movies i've seen that were any good since Heat,Thin Red LIne and Carlito's way,Were ATOC and Resident Evil.I bet Spinderman sucked too but i'll wait untill i acctually see it.Just goes to show you Hollywood is trying too hard and the hype is ridiculous.But thats just MY opinion
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    Originally posted by boss nass
    Well i watched LOTR for the first time a couple of days ago and i think this movie SUCKED!!A waste of my $20.It's a fairy tale and i mean FAIRY i had to watch it twice because the first time i fell asleep and i really wasn't even tired.
    I value your opinion, but I have to ask this: why did you buy the video or DVD, why not rent it? If it was so 'fairy' as you put, why were parents advised that the film contains strong battle violence?


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