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    Convention Exclusives: Yes or No?

    With Celebration III fast approaching , what are your opinions on exclusive figures for the patrons of conventions and the wider impact on the collecting community?

    I refer your attention to the Jorg Sacul figure and the now overly inflated cost he commands, making it difficult for collectors to acquire.


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    I see no problem with giving something to those collectors who make it to a convention.
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    Hell no.
    I'm in the UK and therefore can't get to the conventions even if I wanted to.
    I don't like the Jorg figure, but if I did I'd be expected to pay anything from 60-100 to get one on the secondary market. And thats not even including ebay!
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    No, they should be sold everywhere.

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    I don't see a huge problem with a convention exclusive. Just as long as it's a re-paint, or a figure in a special box or card. I don't ever want to see new figures that were actually in the movies issued as convention exclusives.

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    Thats right...
    There is a need for new figures.

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    you are right on the nose with that one jarjar.

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    I don't mind Convention Exclusives- As long as they're not new action figures! If they're reissues, that's fine.
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    I'm against them. I'm never able to make the cons these thigns are given away at. So therefore, I lose out! I hadn't a chance in hell of getting Jorg Sacul. And I'm not paying Ebay prices.
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    i think the exclusives are fine because the people who travel a long way to get to the conventions or cons whatever the event may be they should be rewarded with exclusive figures thats just my 2 cents


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