View Poll Results: Which current system would you prefer to play future Star Wars games on?

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    259 33.25%

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    193 24.78%
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    162 20.80%
  • other

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    Which current system would you prefer to play future Star Wars games on? (Assuming th

    After seeing the results from this poll it was clear that 50% of our SirStevesGuide readers were not only action figure collectors, but video game players, too!

    With that in mind comes this poll with thanks and acknowledgment to our own video games forum moderator, Lord Malakite (thanks dude!)

    Periodically, we'll poll a few more Star Wars video game questions.

    For now, let's discuss your favorite system!
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    Gamecube ALL THE WAY!

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    I would consider myself an avid gamer. But I had a bit of trouble answering this qurestion. I have a GC, PS2, N64, and a fairly fast PC at home (AMD Athlon XP 1800+, 512 DDR SDRAM, 80Gig HD, Radeon 8500, Sound Blaster Audigy Live)

    I love any and all SW games that have been released with my absolute favorite being Rogue Sqaudron for the N64. SW and Video games are a very pivitol part of my life, and any chance I get, I am playing games at home, in the office (when my partner's not looking) and in the arcades!

    I voted for the GC since that is the most recent system to come out (3 days newer than XBox) But...I would be happy to play ANY Star Wars Game for any format with the exception of XBox. I don't have, nor intend to get an XBox. I have looked at the specs for them and they are a stripped PIII 733MHz PC... I'll stick with the proven forces of Nintendo and Sony.....

    For those that have an XBox...please don't be offended...I just don't feel it was worth the $299.99 and now the $199.99 price tag, when the PS2 will do the same!

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    You know they should make a new star wars trilogy game where you can be Luke Han and all of them and play through the movies and I mean do it right with great graphics and game play and different play styles(not like the star wars ones for the super nintendo)

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    I'll say PlayStation 2, and that's probably only because I've got one! I know the graphics on PS2 aren't the best any more but I do think they have the best games to date (GTA3, MGS2, etc).

    I think Darth Tornado's got a good point, they SHOULD make new games for the Classic Trillogy, but I don't think they'll be anything compared to the SNES's Super Star Wars series they were the best EVER!

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    PS2 because I got one,but my favorite video game(STAR WARS) is STARW WARS :EPISODE 1 THE PHANTOM MENACE,on PS.its just to good of a a game
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    I have a xbox, and all I can say is I'm waiting for knights of the old republic, and jedi knight 2
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    I would have to go with PC, because of the upcoming Star Wars Galaxies MMORPG. Which will take place in the OT timeline, and include many of the Prequel and OT locations. Can't wait. Lucasarts did announce that different versions of the game will be released on the X-Box and the PlayStation 2. But I'll stick to the PC version, since I am not intrested in buying a video game console system.

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    I play all my games on PC whenever possible, another route is the Playstation2 my son has. I rarely use his at all because most of the time I'm on my PC.

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    I voted for PS2 for a couple reasons. First off, because I have one. I am comfortable with the PS2 controller.

    My PC isn't exactly top of the line, and I hate having to upgrade every few years to play newer games. Although, this would be my 2nd choice. PC games seem to be more customizeable.
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