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    Unhappy why are qui-gonn and anikan running...

    why are they running right before they see darth maul???
    esp or something??

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    It's a continuity error due to the editing out of a scene where Qui-Gon encounters one of Maul's probe droids and destroys it with his saber.
    They are running to get back to the ship and warn the others that something is amiss.
    Qui-Gon is a wily old dog and Knowing that the Queen is in danger already from the trade federation, suspects that someone has been sent to track them down. This is why he is not really that surprised when maul shows up just a couple of minutes later, all saber blades flashing.
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    The extra-super-special DVD edition will clear this right up.
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    Originally posted by bigbarada
    The extra-super-special DVD edition will clear this right up.

    Depends if it ever comes out, knowing George it'll be pushed back to next year
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    It does look wierd that they were running. I don't see why they could just not leave in the scene of the probe finding. In all seriousnees it looks as if "hey, lets run in the middle of the desert for fun."
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    The reason given is why they are running, however...
    Originally posted by EMPEROR JARGO
    This is why he is not really that surprised when maul shows up just a couple of minutes later, all saber blades flashing.
    this isn't accurate. According to the illustrated screenplay, Qui-Gon only knows that Maul's coming when he turns to respond to Anakin's comment and sees the speederbike bearing down on them. Here's everything from the Probe Droid right to the start of that lightsaber battle:
    ANAKIN runs to join QUI-GON, who has already started down the street. As they walk along together, QUI-GON notices something out of the corner of his eye.

    Suddenly, without breaking his stride, he ignites his laser sword, swing around, and lunges forward and cuts a lurking PROBE DROID in half. QUI-GON inspects the sparking and fizzing DROID.

    ANAKIN: What is it?
    QUI-GON: Probe droid. Very unusual... not like anything I've seen before. Come on.

    QUI-GON and ANAKIN start running.


    QUI-GON and ANAKIN run toward the Naboo spacecraft. ANAKIN is having a hard time keeping up.

    ANAKIN: Master Qui-Gon, sir, wait!

    QUI-GON turns to answer and sees a DARK-CLOAKED FIGURE bearing down on a speeder bike.

    QUI-GON: Anakin, drop!

    ANAKIN drops to the ground just as DARTH MAUL sweeps over him. DARTH MAUL jumps off his speeder bike, and before he has hit the ground, the Sith Lord has swung a death blow with his laser sword that is barely blocked by QUI-GON.
    BTW, I'd like to hollar at Lucas for a few hours over those uses of "laser sword" (which he even gets into the film's dialogue! AAAAAAAAGH!), that term drives me BONKERS! Everything elegant and naturally-flowing about the word "lightsaber" is MISSING from that other term, which is awful and grating; every time I hear it, it's like fingernails on a chalkboard or a fork across a plate.
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    That scene with the droid should have been lefted in.It would have made the running scene better and more understandable.Its a shame the parts cut out that would make a flim better.
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    I always assumed they were running because they had already lost a lot of time on Tatooine and had to get to Coruscant ASAP.

    I hope the Probe Droid scene is on the DVD.

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    Besides the screenplay, you can find that "deleted fact from the movie" in the EPI book...even in the schoolastic version!!
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    That whole scene never cought my eye until now. But it is odd...

    heh heh, maybe Qui-Gon was chasing Annie?

    "C'mere you little rat!"

    "But I just wanted *huff* to see your *puff* laser sword...."

    See? It could work
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