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    The cartoon was great! I didn't like the long and quite fights, though. That was a little bit overdone.
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    I thought Skeletor sucked eggs, his art, his voice, his fighting style, his evilness all totally tanked for me. I also didn't like the comedy stylings and the goofy character traits of most of the supporting cast, I of course hated Orko, and Grayskull was a major disappointment; but the rest was ok in a generic sort of way.

    Heck, at least there was no Starship Eternia.
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    I was very pleased with the cartoon. Of course it will never be like the original, but watching it reminded me of my childhood years. It was like taking a trip down memory lane.
    I hope this series is a success and will run for a long time to keep us He-Man fans happy.
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    I liked the cartoon, but i disliked Skeletor's voice. As for the He-man with the cross, i have yet to see any without it. I have not seen the * one.
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    I was at my local Wal-Mart: three cross, three non-cross.
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    Finally saw the * version today. I definitely think the cross looks much better.

    Funny, I don't understand why the cross was so controversial that they took it off his chest, and yet decided to leave it on his belt.
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    Well, the belt is the only part that is an actual piece of the figure body. The harness, sword, and axe all are seperate pieces. Mattel probably didn't want to go thru the trouble of having to have the body peice re-molded.

    As for the change, I don't really mind it. The old symbol was just a cross, which isn't a real distinct symbol anyway. The new stylized H/Cross design will take some getting used to, but it's not to bad.

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    Saw a bunch at the local KB. I picked one up on a whim after I heard all the fracas about it. (sigh) Now I supposes I'll have to start collecting these damn things , too.

    Maybe my MOTU figures can tussle with my Marvel Legends figures and my SW figures can sit on the shelf and quietly cry while they remember when they held my interest...

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    Speaking of the Cross Version of He-Man, the latest issue of ToyFare actually has a full page ad for the new MOTU line. Intresting enough, the cross version is shown in the ad. So I wonder how long the ad has been laying around? Since originally He-Man was going to keep the cross when he was scheduled to ship last year, but when the figures were delayed they did a running change to the new asterik.

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