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    Is anyone besides me STILL missing Teemto and Ki Adi!?!

    This is really starting to get me down, it seems alot of you have had them for about a month or so now.... i'm getting discouraged... Teemto.... Ki Adi........anakin.......maul......where are you guys?
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    I don't have them either and I go shopping all the time. It's just slow distribution right now. Stores are re setting for Xmas and aren't spending as much time stocking the shelves. Not to worry, those won't be hard to find. It's just a matter of time befor they clog the shelves like Chewy and Bespin Luke .
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    I've got 'em, but I got the only one of each I ever saw (at a KB). Hopefully they'll start hitting shelves in greater numbers soon.
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    I have Ki-Adi-Mundi and Teemto Pagalies, thanks to Caesar. Still missing Anakin: Tatooine Attack and Darth Maul: Sith Training. And now the Wal-Mart Cantina sets are starting to ship as well. Calgon, take me away!!

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    No Ki-Adi or Teemto here either. I going looking on average of twice a week, and nothing. No Target accessory packs either! Kinda irritating hearing others joyfulness at finding these.

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    I don't have Teemto, but I do have Ki-Adi Mundi, and if I where you I wouldn't lose sleep over getting it, it's only the EpI version with a new arm, that doesn't look right anyway!
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    Exactly. the new arm makes the older molded one look like poor old Ki-Adi has a prosthetic appliance or something. There's a complete difference in the sculpting styles. The old arm is poorly detailed while the new one has a detailed hand. But apart from the new articulated arm the episode one version is better.

    Oh yeah, I got all four of the wave. Teemto Ki-Adi, Maul and Anakin. Teemto and the salvage droid is worth fretting over because it's a great little figure 2-pack, Anakin is take it or leave it so-so but has a nice head sculpt, Maul is poopy but the pack in dark eye probe droid is great.

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    haven't even seen these figs up here yet
    i need an ephant mon, who wants to help? :D

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    I found two Teemto's about 3 weeks or so ago. That's it. I bought one, and left the other for a lucky scalper, er, collector. No Ki-Adi's, Anakin's or Mauls anywhere. **sigh**
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    I saw a Ki-Adi once, but passed since I only collect MOC and the bubble was smashed.
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