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Thread: Deluxe Yoda...!

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    Cool Deluxe Yoda...!

    I know a lot of you are gonna look at me like I'm "the fat guy" on "At the Movies" (I know it's Ebert, but people always still say that even though Siskel has passed away), but I really like this figure set! Okay... let's start with the bad. The Super Battle Droid, while the arm is in proper positioning for firing, cannot stand. He does have holes in his feet if you want to put him elsewhere, but there is nowhere to stand him in this set. The top portion of the crane rests on a little peg coming from the shaft. It is perched there until you either bump the set or actually push Yoda into the button under the base. The crane arm is bent... I'm not sure if that's because of the soft plastic or the way it was packed, but it is even bent in the package pictures.

    Now for the good. The Yoda figure isn't that bad. He has a magnet in his hand (standard these days for the Jedi figures), but only three articulation points (hear and both arms). I know you are going to think this is a rip-off, but what others may have failed to mention is that Yoda has two magnets in his feet! The reason for this? You know that control lever that is on the base? It has a spot to which the figure is attracted. When you move the lever around, Yoda scoots across the surface of the "floor" like "magic." The gold knob on the lever twists, which also causes Yoda to twist.

    Anyhow... it took a few tries before I found the "sweet spot" under the floor that causes a portion of the floor to pop up and topple the droid off the base. It also took a few MORE tries before I was able to find the button to which the crane is connected. You can lower the arm support peg by either draggin the lever across it or bumping into it and turning the knob.

    I really enjoyed this set and wish there had been a little more "floor" area. It's still pretty cool for a $10.00 toy. I hope you like it as much as I do!

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    Hehe... *Grabs force flipping base...grabs imaginary Deluxe Yoda... watches Yoda go flying into the wall!*

    Thanks for the review, is the Yoda better/weaker than the basic one? From the pics it looks like it'd a better non-fighting Yoda especially with the eyes looking more normal and him not looking like Quasimodo?

    I'm not too suprised by the SBD not being able to stand, neither can alot of the basic ones.
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    Cool review, JEDIpartnr. I haven't found one of these yet myself, but thanks to your glowing review I definatly will be looking forward to the day I do. Sounds like it's more then worth the $10.00 purchase price. But which do you prefer, the basic Saga Yoda, or the Deluxe Yoda?

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    The facial sculpt on this Yoda DOES have the pursed lips, but a slightly less menacing glare to his eyes. As far as articulation goes, the basic version wins hands down. If you are looking for consistency in character... it looks on par with the basic version (unlike the different variations of every other character, it seems). I really like both versions- to be fairly honest with you. They are both good and both different- in good ways!
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    Thanks JEDIpartnr. Again I can't wait to find this set. Hopefully my Wal-Mart or Target will get them in soon, when they get in the shipments of Cantina Alien Packs and more Accessory Sets. Nice to see that Hasbro is making the Deluxe line worth buying again.

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    I found that the Deluxe Yoda looks really good with the cane from the basic Yoda.

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    Which deluxe is the better buy, Yoda or C3PO?

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    Originally posted by DeadEye
    Which deluxe is the better buy, Yoda or C3PO?
    That's hard to say, I guess it depends on which character appeals to you more because I love both of these sets. The Threepio does definitely have some detail issues; the paint job is just plain lackluster. But I still love switching the heads and arms between them!

    JEDIPartnr is right, the Yoda set is a lot of fun too. The magnet action with the bottom of Yoda's feet works really well and he moves around the floor perfectly. I was disappointed with the super battle droid though; he can barely stand as JEDIPartnr noted, and I thought the paint job on his eyes looks terrible, like someone just took a Sharpie and sloppily dotted them on.

    For my money, the Yoda set is the most fun DeadEye.

    LTBasker - I like the Deluxe Yoda but he has this odd hunched over posture, where he looks like he's thinking about attacking, but he hasn't decided yet. I think it looks a little odd personally; I prefer the Basic version which I like a lot. But the magnet feature is just so much fun...
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    thanks for that great review JEDIpartnr! i'm having lots of fun trying to get the crane to fall while pulling Yoda away before it can land on him.

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    The SBD in this pack is appalling - from the same school of flimsy plastic as the Arena BD. He looks like a freeze-frame of a falling BD - really disappointed. Yoda is really cool and wokrs a lot better than the FX R2. The crane is also a bit flimsy and bendy but looks really good towering over Yoda.

    I do like this toy - but as a display piece. AS for playability - the SBD ruins it
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