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Thread: Fett vs. Fett!

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    Talking Fett vs. Fett!

    Post who's gonna make the moves!!! Jango Fett from AOTC versus Boba Fett from ESB (and NOT the inept Fett from ROTJ)


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    From the movies point of view I would say Jango because he looks way cooler, and we haven't really seen boba in action much.

    From the EU point of view, I'd say boba had a better chance. Before I answer this thread fully I'd rather read some Jango Fett books first and wait until Episode III to see Boba in action.


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    Well...Boba Fett survived EPII and III...but, What i've seen from the AOTC should be interesting indeed. Now i like Boba more than Jango.

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    Originally posted by Lobito
    whats up with the names...Jango??? Sounds like a chimp!!
    Dude, my mom's name is Jango.
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    If it weren't for Boba's high-pitched, girly and weak yelp as he fell into that pit at the beginning of ROTJ, I'd have gone with him (sorry, just can't get that out of my matter how slick he was in ESB). But as of now, I'd have to go with Jango.
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    I like them both, but I will have to go with Jango.
    I just dont like how Boba goes out in ROTJ. He never gets a real chance to show his true skill.
    However Jango will show his skill in AOTC, and I think we will really get an idea of why the Fett name is so respected.
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    Boba really didn't do much...

    If you think about it. Vader did most of the planning and dirty work. Boba just found him. Boba flew him to Jabba... but that's about it. Jango seems to be a little more of a man of action! Then again... why not? Nothing beats the original!
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    Dude, my mom's name is Jango.
    I'm sorry my friend.
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    Originally posted by stormie
    If it weren't for Boba's high-pitched, girly and weak yelp as he fell into that pit at the beginning of ROTJ, I'd have gone with him (sorry, just can't get that out of my mind...
    It wasn't a "high-pitched, girly and weak yelp", granted it wasn't the classic "AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!" but it was more like a toned down "AGGGGHHHHH!!!!!"

    Non based EU opinion (which is the only opinion I'm using on this):
    Both'em have their feats, I think Boba would've been more exciting had there been more to him in the movies, I would've like to have seen him fire darts from one of his knee pieces into a Skiff Guard that gets in front of Chewie to attack him. Jango, well he's got the help of CGI to do all this stuff, Boba really had to do it. Plus I kinda prefer the sniper-like-rifle over the twin blasters...
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    It would be a draw.

    Bob would end up falling down some conveniently placed hole/chasm/pit letting out a girly scream or toned down arrrghhh depending on who you are, in the processing taking himself out of the action.

    Meanwhile Jango seeing Boba fall turns to walk away only hit his head on a nearby overhang knocking himself out. Of course its all speculation from their track records.

    Result: a draw


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