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Thread: Memories.......

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    Post old pictures of you or friends/family playing with or showing off vintage Star Wars stuff

    I took this pic in 83' (I was 6) to catalog my HUGE collection!

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    My Brother Showing off Our Star Wars Stuff on Christmas in 79' or 80'

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    What good is a birthday with out a landspeeder?

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    Looks like one of your brothers got screwed that Xmas. You got a cool mego Batman and your other brother got 4 great star wars figurs, and the brother sitting behind you got some corny mini guitar. Pretty crappy if you ask me .

    This is a cool thread, I'll have to dig up my old photos. I had a R2 D2 cake one year and my brother had a Darth Vader cake. Very cool birthdays .

    Where did you get a red power droid from? I don't remember haveing that one .
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    [QUOTE]Originally posted by icatch9
    [B]Looks like one of your brothers got screwed that Xmas. You got a cool mego Batman and your other brother got 4 great star wars figurs, and the brother sitting behind you got some corny mini guitar.

    That Guitar was mine. Xmas DID suck for him! WOW!

    By the way..that C3-P0 (in Xmas Pic) fell down the air return in our house like 5 min. after we opened it.....And, it stayed ther for years...we forgot about went 96' when I started gitting into Star Wars again we rembered it was down there.
    SO, we got a long stick poked around and found it!

    It Is In My Collection Today. And, its like new (the arm and leg joints are still sealed with the gold paint job...hes stiff as a board). Because it was never played with!

    C3-P0 Today:
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    Cool! I know I have some shots of my sister and I with our Ewok village, and I might even find a pic of my Chewie/Vader birthday cake.

    Nice pics, Darth Vellner. :happy:

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    What a great way to insure mint toys for the future, down the air return. Too bad that houses now-a-days don't have the ventilation systems of older houses. It's really tough to cram a figure through those little vents.
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    Darn my failing computer monitor! I can't see your photos, Darth Vellner, and I'm sure they're great! As a self-proclaimer Master of Nostalgia, I weep with sadness...

    I have several pictures that've survived time, that since I can't download (no scanner, above monitor issue), so I'll describe them:

    -Me holding a Greedo by his head, glued onto a school-made Father's Day tie

    -Me and my friends in the garage (with much too-short shorts on! ) setting up a Bespin scene

    -Me and my friends playing in the sandbox, HAVING FUN AND NOT CARING IF WE GOT SAND IN OUR TOYS!

    -A cheap LEGO carbon freeze diorama with Kenner figs

    -Me and my friends (yes, I know "my friends and I" is correct, but I like the sound of the other way right now) posing on the front porch and holding various ESB figs

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    Darth Vellners story about finding the C-3P0 in the heating duct make me want to go back home and search the backyard for all those figures I left out there. I am sure that there is an X-wing Luke from Empire buried behind my Dad's storage shed. It makes me wonder where I left all my other vintage figures.

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    I love all of the old stories of people misplacing their Star Wars figures. I think it was Gus Lopez who said that he accidentally threw his out of his car window on a highway?
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