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    Whats The BEST Episode 1 Figure?

    I'm not really sure that there is a "BEST" Episode 1 figure but I think that that big guy (whats his name?) is probably the best EP1 figure made!

    What is the BEST figure from the Episode 1 line in your opinion?Which one had the best Commtech Lines?

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    Thumbs up Well

    Toward the end of the line the figures got better, but i think the best one is Qui-Gon with his Jedi robes.
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    Let's see...

    I love: TC-14
    Queen Amidala (Couruscant)
    Qui-Gon Jinn (Jedi Robes)

    I kinda like the pit droids 2-pack with their jackhammer thingy.

    ...definitely Watto!
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    the master jedi
    I like the hologram Sidious and TC-14 but I guess my absolute favorite Ep.1 figure is the Tatooine Darth Maul even though he doesn't have much articulation.

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    I like Yoda. He just looks so detailed. He has to be one of the best Ep.I sculpts. Plus he has an accessorie that he has in the movie, a chair! Can't beat that!
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    I like the Qui-Gon that came with the Tatooine Showdown Cinema Scene.

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    It will goes to Softgood Obi-Wan. Love the plait as well as the loin cloth

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    I think the "Jedi Knight" Obi-Wan best embodies the best qualities of both Episode I and action figures (as best as can be expected in this line). However, I think Watto was sculpted the best. If Holo Sidious didn't have a melty face, he'd be in the running too.
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    Yoda was amazing, along with the Destroyer Droid and Rune Haako.

    Also the Podracer pilot Anakin pack-in figure had an incredible level of detail even though he was really only good for one thing.
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