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    Exclamation Missing Accessories for Figures

    Another tip for those who want to buy vintage figures are the missing accessories that cost you almost as much as the figure by itself or more. Here’s a list of the most expensive accessories.

    Vader, Luke, Obiwan double telescoping sabers
    Jawa Vinyl cape
    Amanaman’s staff
    R2D2’s pop-up lightsaber
    Carbonite Block
    Luke Stormtrooper helmet
    General Lando’s cape

    Beware of imitations as they’ve been able to replicate some of these with great detail!
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    I will add the Imperial Snowtrooper Vinyl "half cape".
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    I don't believe I've ever actually seen the vintage Gamorrean Guard's ax.

    Other stuff that gets lost:
    Removable Limbs Threepio's bag (not to mention his limbs)
    Han Trenchcoat's trenchcoat (some comic shop guy tried to sell me a loose one of these and pass it off as an original 1977 figure)
    Some Ewoks came with a shoulder-slung pouch also, not just a cowl, they are: Logray, Teebo, Lumat and Warok

    BTW, does anyone know where I can find an ORIGINAL Amanaman staff? No repros. Mine has the bottom half twisted off. Any help would be hot!
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    I was pretty intense about keeping all my accessories as a kid. I sometimes hid weapons so my friends would not play with them and lose them.

    As a result, I have all the original accessories in nearly perfect condition with the exception of one Leia's blaster and one AT-ST driver blaster - those darn little things were so small that not even I could keep up with them.

    Fortunately, even as a kid, I bought extra figs. Especially imperials and gamorean guards.

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    I haveto say that the piece that everyone forgets about is the Cloud Car Pilots little inter-com thing. It is not that expensive to get one, but most people do forget.
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    Any SW arm lightsaber WITH tip attached (not the telescoping ones)
    Helmets (i.e. Boushh, Lando Skiff, Luke Trooper)
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    This brings to mind the two loose vintage Jawas I have sitting on a shelf. Oh how I wish I had kept the capes. In fact I also have an Obi-Wan and Leia both vintage without capes or weapons (Leia). I had left them in storage at my mothers house for years and don't even remember what I did with the accessories.


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    Thumbs down Expensive accessory

    Here's an example of an expensive accessory.

    Amanaman staff

    If yours got one, better keep it safe!
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    Dammit, I need one of those too. I have one but it's broken.
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    BB, the staff is actually in pounds, so it is actually more likely to be about $50!
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