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    Which Books should I read next?

    I figure I'd ask you, the experts.

    I'm finishing up the last book in the Han Solo Trilogy and I am working out what I should read. I've narrowed it down to this list, but if you've read something else you think I need to read, please fill me in. Likewise, if any of these books/series are bad, let me know.

    Shadows of the Empire
    X-Wing series
    Black Fleet Crisis
    Jedi Academy
    Bounty Hunter Wars

    Thanks for your help
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    If I was you I'd go...

    1 X-Wing series - if you like dog fights, covert operations and military special groups, go for this one. There's a lot of subtle jokes, funny moments, and pretty intense times. You learn a great deal about Tycho, Wedge, Janson, and the the Wraiths. Lots of great characters are introduced in this set.

    2 Jedi Academy - establishes the ground work for Kyp and sets the tone for why he's like he is in any of the new jedi order books.

    3 Bounty Hunter Wars - interesting mental game between Fett and a space spider. Its good, but lacking a little. If you're into the Bounty hunters, go for it.

    4 Shadows of the Empire - This is pretty good filler for the time between empire and jedi. A mini adventure and adds a little more darkness to Vader and how the emperor played games.

    5 Black Fleet Crisis - just another "oh no, not ANOTHER atempt to disrupt the struggling New Republic". This to me is your typical ho-hum alien threat that wants it way, and our heros are off to the rescue. Has it typical low point in book 2 where all seems lost and then luke, han, leia to the rescue.

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    This topic's been covered many a time, so feel free to check out older threads in this section.

    However of the titles you noted:

    Shadows of the Empire - great! Definately recommend, plus the comics series SOTE, too.
    X-Wing series - I only liked the Alliston (sp?) books, not the Stackpole ones. So-so.
    Black Fleet Crisis - bad. Not very good at all.
    Jedi Academy - earliest 3-book series written. I like KJA as a author.
    Bounty Hunter Wars - another so-so series. It's not too bad, but not too good either.

    My standing recommendation is always this: read ALL Expanded Universe books, and then decide after if you like 'em or not yourself! That's the best way, unless you're pressed for free reading time. I'll see if I can find the older threads to help you out.
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