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    What vehicles would you like to see re-made?

    Of all the vehicles that have been previously made, which one's would you like to see resculpted? i would personally like to see a new Millenium Falcon made, different than the scrunched version that is out now. A new skiff would be nice too.
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    I would have to say a new Millenium Falcon!!!!!!!!

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    I agree. A new Falcon, and maybe a new AT-AT. One that's the proper size!

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    Millenium Falcon would be nice, if they could do it bigger and bring the price point in at around $100, that would be great. Another vehicle that needs to be re-made is the TIE Fighter. The center section needs re-sculpted to loose the battery housing/handle, and the wings need to be alot bigger.

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    Jar Jar,

    Was the POTJ TIE Interceptor to a good scale? Also, did they make a POTJ Y-Wing?

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    Eh, the vehicle debacle starts again for me!!! I want to get vehicles, i feel with the new window displays, i can enjoy them (i keep my stuff in the box). I got the new landspeeder, plan to get the new X-wing and will pick up the tie-bomber and snowspeeder in time, as well as the A-wing and B-wing. I can enjoy those more than the old POTF2 box that just had that cornball pic on the front.

    Sorry, i was rambling! Definately a Tie-Fighter and for petes sake, the Millenium Falcon!!! Maybe a new AT-AT would be nicely.

    BTW- Does the Death Star count as a vehicle?!?!?!?? hehehehehheheehee a remake DS would be quite delightful!
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    The POTJ TIE Interceptor is pretty good to scale, and so is the TIE Bomber and Vader's TIE.

    The only one that really needs redone is the TIE Fighter. Though I would probably buy 2 of them, and replace the center section of my TIE Interceptor.

    Yes, Target had the Y-Wing as an exclusive. It could stand being a bit bigger, but it doesn't seriously need re-sculpted.

    MTFBWY and HH!!

    Jar Jar Binks

    AGENTS OF ATLAS - Returns in Early 2009.

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    I would also like to see a new Falcon, and how about that Shuttle Tyderium
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    Snowspeeder - figure scale, which is actually smaller than the current mold, heh)
    TIE Fighter - just more accurate would be great...
    Y-Wing - More accurate and removeable droid.
    Outrider - More accurate (Hey it's been an OT vehicle since '97. )
    Swoop - A little more accurate with Mos Eisley rider (basically it'd just be a deluxe figure..)
    3 pack speeder-bike set with new Biker Scout, Endor Leia, and Endor Luke and the Speeder bike from the upcoming Deluxe Clone Trooper. (Would make a nice window box set)
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    Sandcrawler, TIE Fighter, and Cloud Car are my top three preferences.

    But I would love an update on a few mini-rigs, like MLC-3 and PDT-8.
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