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    Except better..

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    yes, they look much much better
    I want to get my hands on the Vader and Clone Trooper

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    Originally posted by TylerD
    Actually Chiesa, I was in Bangkok for a time, but I actually lived in Phetchaburi for the whole six weeks I was there. I bought the figs at the local market for about 2$ US. I have to find the figures, so I can take a digital pic of them for you. BTW, Thailand is an awesome place for a vacation. I highly recommend it.
    I was kinda hoping it was in the capital, bangkok... I was intending to go there at year end for a shopping holiday... So is Phetchaburi another city or town outside of Bangkok or is it a place in Bangkok itself? (sorry but their names all sound alittle farmiliar if you don't really visit there often)

    I'm really looking forward to your pic of the bootlegs!

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    Originally posted by sicqnus
    Hi Chiesa,

    HobbyLink Japan is the best way to catch these awesome statues. From Japan to Singapore, I guess the shipping would not be too expensive.
    The Vader costs 9800 Yens (painted), It's pricey but if I remember well, the blade is lighted !
    See pic :

    The Anakin and Clone Trooper costs 7800 Yens each (already painted).

    If they are out of stock, don't worry, they re-stock items very often. I've already ordered from them the awesome FineMolds kits and the service was great.

    Links below :

    Yup yup I just looked into the website and they just look really awesome!! Probably gonna pick up a Vader...


    Enjoy !
    "It was just a little story outline with bits and pieces," -- George Lucas

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    nice pics !
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    Hey Chiesa, Phetchaburi is about two and a half hours from Bangkok, but I am sure that if you look in Bangkok, you can find them. There are two good market places I know of called Pat Pong and Pan Tip. Not sure of an exact location though. Still looking for the figs. I'll either PM you or post on this thread when I get some pics...
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    Tyler, please post them on this thread as nosy Canadians want to see these figures too! Cheers!
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    They all look cool!
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