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    how rare are the following:
    Darth Vader w/long saber (very first version)
    Obi-Wan w/long saber (very first version)
    Luke w/long saber & hook (very first version)
    all off card and sitting in a bin, i was wondering how rare they were cuz i got them and every figure of those three after that all had short sabers

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    Consider yourself lucky, those are first releases afterall. Hasbro changed the size to make the lightsabers more scaled to the figures.
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    so i should hold on to those for a while then huh? how much do you think they're worth? out of package, i just think the collectors database is confusing

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    Out of package, I don't see why they would be worth very much at all.
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    Jonna is right. They aren't really worth anything out of the package, (I am not even sure they are worth much IN the package).
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    As they are loose figures then the price will be the same as a regular loose figure. If they were still carded, the price is normally double the standard carded price.
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