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    1) The AT-AT sold originally and mainly for $75, not these clearance prices, so I don't think that's a reasonable place to compare. By that token, I could point out that I've purchased 3 speederbikes for $3 on clearance, but so what?

    2) Tycho, this is a quarterfinals matchup since there are 2 of these and the winners go on to a final match.

    3) This one really seems like the person who created it was playing favorites - from the description to the picture, it is clear which one is "supposed" to win. So nyeah :P to you.

    4) This poll has an awful lot of votes and views for its FIRST DAY... hmm...

    5) I voted for the speederbike, I have more fun with it than I do the AT-AT. The legs on the AT-AT don't keep it upright all that much and it's not as accurate as the speederbike.
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    AT-AT all the way!
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    In terms of what to call these matches, I hadn't a clue when I started so I termed them:

    1) Preliminaries -32 contestants in 16 matches
    2) Quarterfinals - 16 contestants in 8 matches
    3) Semi-Finals - 8 contestants in 4 matches
    4) Finals - 4 contestants in 2 matches
    5) Championship 2 contestants in 1 last match

    So I think that's right. In round 2, it was the 4th spot out from the championship, and it set up the first Quarter winners - for lack of knowing what to call a five round contest - the Quinta-Finals???

    The 3rd round cut the numbers in half again (numbers going into the championship), so semi-finals seemed appropriate.

    The 4th round gets it down to just about the last match. Not sure what else to call that, but promotionally, "Finals" sounds impressive.

    The Championship or Title Match is self-explanatory for the last round, thus probably correctly named.

    But while we're addressing complaints, I could add in about a book about this Friday night in my personal life...

    But let's not go there...

    So, back to the complaints about the BotM...

    Price points in matches was not really a complaint directed against me. Sure the prices on these things have fluxuated, but in our other Finals match, both vehicles are a standard $24-29 and never clearanced lower than that price, or since both are still active items, aren't actually clearanced at all.

    I point out that the more vehicles bought at the highest price point, the more Hasbro will make. Not that our budgets can always handle that, but I wanted up to 3 Jedi Starfighters and up to 3 Slave Ones. So far I've purchased 1 of each and plan on going for the exclusives with the figures next. However, I also might wait for clearance prices to get the last ones. But regardless, if everyone is doing that, Hasbro would look at sales and say "We can't make a Sith Infiltrator if all these guys want to pay for new vehicles is $5 bucks!"

    Heck, I'd like about 2-4 more Pod Racers (vehicles) but doubt we'll see more than 1, if that. (but I can hope...)

    AOTC should have better marketing - the wheeled droids, spiderwalkers, Republic mobile laser cannons, maybe if we're lucky the AT-TE, but things I want include the obscure and the under-appreciated, like the Gungan Submarine. I really want that.
    Oh well...

    As to fixing the poll (cheating, setting up the AT-AT to win, etc.) - it's no fun if someone cheats, even for the cheater. These contests are for fun, and somebody wasting their time trying to revote is seriously unhappy in the first place to be spending their time doing that.

    As to me fixing the speederbike with a pre-determined victor, I didn't know that for a fact. However, I knew that I'd take some heat for setting this match up, but I have 2 space vehicles of equal size and price point in the other Finals match which you guys will REALLY appreciate so much that most of you will be pulling your hair trying to decide who to vote for (possibly). If the speederbike wins this match, it'd still have to face one of those space-attack crafts, so it might make little difference. The next match will be of a lot of interest! As should be the Championship!

    Finally, I've figured out a system for us to have fair ranking matches if you guys want BotM to continue to rank the vehicles, or if you'd like me to set up a Beast Wars intead (now that the Acklay's out). There will be a poll about that in this section in about 2 weeks, once the BotM champion is decided.
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    If the contest is for best vehicle, I have to go for the speeder bike. It was released with 4 different pilots, has a fun action feature, and is affordable. It's better in scale than the AT-AT, and it comes apart for easy storage. Affordability is the crucial factor: You can put together an army of these things for what it would cost you to get one AT-AT. What fun is a toy if you can't afford it?

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    BotM's is good for a few things, but one is talking about vehicles with real case examples.

    NRPeace, are you saying you Do Not Want an AT-TE (the six-legged walker from AOTC?)

    IF Hasbro made that thing from a completely new mold (it'd have to be, obviously), the Clones' Walker would cost upwards of $80 for them to make their margin on it.

    They might be able to wholesale the things for $50 even, but there's no incentive for them to keep doing vehicles they don't make money on (large ones from new molds is what I'm talking about).

    There's always the argument that the toy we're talking about will make you go out and buy more clone troopers to crew the thing (like the Republic Gunship), and they should sell vehicles at cost so they will sell more figures, but that hasn't been proven (or proven that it increases their margin enough).

    Now I don't know how old of an audience I'm addressing out there right now, but you all do understand this, don't you?

    So who would NOT want an AT-TE, or a Sandcrawler or Jabba's Sailbarge for that matter?

    And who thinks we could have these toys, and for under $30? (or whatever you deem is affordable?)

    My collection and fun with these toys would be severely curtailed if all I got were speederbikes and landspeeders with my largest vehicle being what? The Jedi Starfighter?

    I'd pay anywhere between $80 to $150 for an AT-TE of good quality. And no, I can't afford it. But I'll find a way to if they put it out there.
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    Poppa voted for da Speederbike.


    'cause it makes no difference....
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    I voted for the AT-AT. After a few years all of my Speeder Bikes just started exploding whenever they darn well felt like it, which was really frustrating.

    The AT-AT is one of the greatest toys in the history of the line.
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    I voted for the AT-AT and I can see that the results are just what I thought they would be. Congrats AT-AT

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    I've voted for the AT-AT, if I was a collector it would probably be my favourite. It's always been one of my favourites in the movies and also one of me fave toys . Come on At-AT!!!

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    I also voted for the AT-AT. While the Speederbike is cheaper, and alot of fun, it just doesn't match up with how cool the AT-AT is. Lights, sounds, actual movie dialoge. The only thing lacking is the General Veers (AT-AT Commander) figure. We definatly need a new General Veers figure in the Saga line.

    The one that comes with the AT-AT is pretty pathetic. He's not that well sculpted, especially his face. And he's also a giant, standing almost as tall as Saga Darth Vader. Give him removable armor and helmet, and toss in a mini holo Darth Vader and the AT-AT doubles in coolness.

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