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  • The Speederbike comes through!

    43 20.09%
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    I voted for the AT-AT. IMO it's no contest the speeder bike has no electronics, explodes at will, and is nowhere near as cool a toy as the AT-AT. Shoulda been the Falcon though.
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    Originally posted by Tycho
    BotM's is good for a few things, but one is talking about vehicles with real case examples.

    NRPeace, are you saying you Do Not Want an AT-TE (the six-legged walker from AOTC?)

    IF Hasbro made that thing from a completely new mold (it'd have to be, obviously), the Clones' Walker would cost upwards of $80 for them to make their margin on it.

    They might be able to wholesale the things for $50 even, but there's no incentive for them to keep doing vehicles they don't make money on (large ones from new molds is what I'm talking about).

    There's always the argument that the toy we're talking about will make you go out and buy more clone troopers to crew the thing (like the Republic Gunship), and they should sell vehicles at cost so they will sell more figures, but that hasn't been proven (or proven that it increases their margin enough).

    Now I don't know how old of an audience I'm addressing out there right now, but you all do understand this, don't you?

    So who would NOT want an AT-TE, or a Sandcrawler or Jabba's Sailbarge for that matter?

    And who thinks we could have these toys, and for under $30? (or whatever you deem is affordable?)

    My collection and fun with these toys would be severely curtailed if all I got were speederbikes and landspeeders with my largest vehicle being what? The Jedi Starfighter?

    I'd pay anywhere between $80 to $150 for an AT-TE of good quality. And no, I can't afford it. But I'll find a way to if they put it out there.

    I couldn't agree with you more Tycho.

    I desperately want an AT-TE. I expect to pay around $60-80 for it. I do hope that it has room for two pilot but I think that if they do it, it will only have room for one as well as maybe 2-4 in the "body" and one on the outside turret. I hope it's big but I highly doubt it will be to scale. It would be nearly as big as the AT-AT toy. Which reminds me [ I voted for the AT-AT ].

    I've heard of others waiting for things to go down in price just to have them never released again and miss out on them. Rule of thumb: Buy one when you see, then if you want more and can wait, do it.

    Back to the poll.....The AT-AT is by far superior. electronics, two pack-ins, BIG

    this was no contest.
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    Originally posted by JediTricks
    1) The AT-AT sold originally and mainly for $75, not these clearance prices, so I don't think that's a reasonable place to compare. By that token, I could point out that I've purchased 3 speederbikes for $3 on clearance, but so what?

    2) Tycho, this is a quarterfinals matchup since there are 2 of these and the winners go on to a final match.

    3) This one really seems like the person who created it was playing favorites - from the description to the picture, it is clear which one is "supposed" to win. So nyeah :P to you.

    4) This poll has an awful lot of votes and views for its FIRST DAY... hmm...

    5) I voted for the speederbike, I have more fun with it than I do the AT-AT. The legs on the AT-AT don't keep it upright all that much and it's not as accurate as the speederbike.
    JT, JT, JT. **shakes his head and laughs**

    You have to admit that your post is pretty funny. You go on the defensive against biases for the AT-AT then vote for the speederbike.

    A last ditch effort to salvage some pride for the speederbike perhaps?
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    ManCan, if it was last-ditch I'd simply edit the poll so the speederbike won.
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    While I don't currently have a unlimited amount of funds, I'm more willing to spend a greater amount of money on an item if it a) looks significantly like what I saw in a movie, and b) if it also provides solid "play value." The Queen's Royal Starship is a good example of that. On the outside, it really looks like the ship in TPM and the inside is well conceived for the space involved.

    Most of the ships made so far have been really good likenesses, in my opinion, and some of the resculpts have only made them better (ie, Slave I). I'd prefer that they start spending more time on accurate playsets, but that's another story.

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    The AT-AT all the way. Lots of cool features PLUS 2 pack-ins.

    I agree with Jar-Jar, the General Veers was lacking a bit. But it was still nice to have.

    However, if they re-make Veers we GOTTA have a new Imperial Scanning Tech!
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    Darn, you know I love the speeder bike but I had to vote At-AT as I just looked at my shelf and asked myself, if you only could have one of them, which would it be? Well, really there is only one choice when you think of it that way...


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