You guys asked for it! - and you guys will hate me for it!

Tonight's Battle of the Machines fight is raw!

These are the FINALS and there's no such thing as "fair play" any more in the last 2 rounds which will determine which is the ultimate Hasbro Star Wars vehicle to ever see manufactured as a toy!

It had to happen: the champion of the lightweights is coming to do battle with the champion of the heaveyweights.

I won't pretend like I don't know the outcome, but our "bikergang friends" earned their right to this match....errr ummmm, this last moment in their history.

But the Battle of the Machines is always full of surprises and tonight may be no different as the speederbike takes on the Imperial AT-AT walker!

The AT-AT crushed the scoutwalker in a close match in which it only won by 174 - 15, or 92.6% of the votes. Before that it narrowly defeated the Millennium Falcon 109-99 with 52% of 208 votes. With armor too strong for blasters, the towering Imperial Walker could probably carry over a half-dozen snowtrooper action figures into combat in its troop carrier section, while under the command of the exclusive packed-in AT-AT Driver and AT-AT Commander (as close as we've come to General Veers' proper figure) seated in the cockpit. From there they can command the fully poseable behemoth machine's 4 giant legs, jointed in three points of articulation on each. Covering them, are the remote operated chin guns that fire with the air-piercing sound effects and red "laser" flashes one would come to expect from the firepower of this war machine. But that's not all: side-mounted anti-aircraft cannons feature missle tubes with launching projectiles capable of descimating any Rebel defenses! A remote lever in the transport section controls the aiming and directional tracking of the metal beasts head, and a electronic, backlit communications and tactical station replays dialog from the movie, and features the bone-crunching thunder a walker's legs make in action, as well as the terror-striking sound of many needle-like barrages of the walker's smaller artillery cannons.

Up against it is the Speederbike. It's fast! It's puny! It falls apart at the touch of a button... The Aratech 74-Z Military Speeder Bike, which was featured in Return of the Jedi. This vehicle has been packed with every known movie pilot which today includes its standard pilot, the Imperial Scout Trooper, as well as Leia, Luke, and Ewok Scout Paploo. All of the pack-in figures are available in other venues (save for Paploo) be it a carded figure, or a Millennium Minted Coin box figure. Meanwhile, the speeder bike features a pivoting blaster cannon, braking flaps that operate remotely when the foot pedals are moved, and an explosive battle damage feature that causes the craft to blow apart when the camouflage jacket is pressed down on the rear of the craft.
The Speederbike defeated the Swoopbike 82-23 carrying 78% of the vote to its victory. It did similarly well against a Battledroid on a STAP in the Quarterfinals, where the Imperial Speederbike finished 135-35 carrying 79% of the vote (out of 170) for another perfect finish. Against Luke Skywalker's landspeeder, the speederbike sitll took 69.3% of the 153 votes, for a finishing score at 106 to 47.

While the AT-AT might be a behemoth of a toy / playset, and made it through some of the toughest matches, the speederbike ultimately had one of the best winning records out of all the Battle of the Machine's contestants.

-there's that, and the other Final Round making more sense that prompted this fight.

Well, uh....enjoy.

Choose your Champion: the AT-AT or the Speederbike!

Let's Fight!