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    Anyone catch The ReRun Show's version of Star Wars meets Saved By The Bell?

    Anyone else see this last night? It was kind of funny but not really. It was pretty much Saved By the Bell, with a few Star Wars jokes and lame costuems. Hear where the characters

    Zack= A young Obi Wan Kenobi
    Slater = Yoda (I don't know where they got that one from?? )
    Jessie = Queen Amidala in Queen gowns
    Scretch = Jar Jar
    Lisa = Ohera (from Star Trek)
    Tiffany Amber Thesians Character was a Wookie
    Mr. Belding (the real Mr Belding) was a non-discript Jedi knight.

    It was the episode of Ms. Bayside High or something. Screet/Jar Jar won and everyone laughed .

    They set up the show with Rolling dialog very similar to star Wars. It started of with something like "After George Lucas second instalment of the Star Wars saga wich is still lingering in second run theaters and his fans are disapointed once again. He needs to find a new muse and does so in an old episode of Save by the Bell".

    Pretty lame stuff, but that's what the shows all about. Makeing fun of "One Day at a Time" or "Different Strokes" is one thing, but makeing fun of George Lucas and AOTC that seems a bit off. I mean it a good movie that made a ton of money. What do people want?

    Oh, well. Anything popular is bound to be made fun of. The muppet show did the same thing back in the day, but at least that was funny .
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    I saw part of it, and it was kinda amusing. I didn't know what show it was, or what they were trying to do, so I was mostly confused. I did like the part with the jarjar guy doing the MJ dance.
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    I saw a part of the show and I thought it was funny for a few minutes. Kelly as the wookie got annoying fast and when they were doing those fake lightsaber fights I wished they were real and were chopping each other to bits.

    There were some good parts like when Jessie (who played that bimbo in Showgirls) strips off her Amidala gown and is dressed like a skanky showgirl underneath. Then Yoda's lightsaber "ignites" suddenly.

    It was a good idea that kind of fizzled.

    Maybe they should have had Mr. Belding dress up in a flannel shirt with a gray beard pretending to be GLu.
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    Yeah... I really didn't know what to make of it.

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    It was horrible, very very horrible! Well, Yoda was okay.

    Lt. Uhura by the way
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    I watched it and didn't know quite what to make of it either, Slater as Yoda was cool, but the rest was just lame. ATOC was a good movie in my opinion and I don't know why they chose to make fun of it in the first place.

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    Rats, I missed it! NBC keeps doing weird stuff with the timeslot on this show, it airs on Tuesday, it airs on Thursday, it airs on Friday on VH1, it airs on Sunday? I think the concept and the execution is pretty entertaining so far, but NOTHING can survive this programming nightmare for long.

    As for this ep, it sounds funny, an interesting twist on their main concept. And it's interesting, I had a conversation with a neighbor just today where he said he was a SW fan but didn't like Ep 2 both for the CGI effects and the "romance" dialogue. I don't think they wronged SW with this, certainly nothing like Triumph the insult comic dog's visit to Ep 2's line which most fans consider hilarious.
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    I've been wanting to catch it cause it looks funny from the commercials, are they gonna replay this episode any time soon??
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    I saw that episode! I laughed my butt off. Expecially when they hacked Screetch apart at the end!! ROTF LMAO!!
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    I missed it, but my sis saw it and said it was hillarious.
    If Yoda is capable of kicking someone's @$$, imagine what a muppet could do!


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