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    It would be cool because some of the images don't have as good of quality at 75x75. Plus that way we could have animated tars at bigger size, unlike Hango's flashing Yoda is too small.Disco Yoda
    Originally posted by SirSteve

    This is my concern. I don't care for animated gifs because it would be too distracting with 20 animated 100x100 avatars. Would be like a night in Vegas!
    YES!!!!!!! TO THE HEDONISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    yeah..that is as big as i can make it, too!
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    Originally posted by JarJarBinks
    Arn't you guys already avatar cops. I mean you do police people if they put dirty pictures and foul language in their avatars. So this would be similar. Like if Hango's avatar started giving people seizures, you would hopefully do somthing about it. Or if people starting getting motion sickness from it.
    No, we aren't avatar cops. Only when someone complains or it happens to catch our eyes does it become an issue.

    BTW, animated GIFs can't move their frames fast enough to trigger seizures.
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    i'm glad no one knows what my avatar is now..the dog thing...only i know what it is.....and that is the biggest i can make that one, too!! or maybe a tad bigger, but not much!
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    well, now i have a better way of making my ava. but the size i have now is still as big as it gets. it's ok for now, but later it would be nice to have a bigger file size than 7k. please and thank you!
    Sampsonite! i was way off!

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    Yes, they are to small.

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    Personally I'd like a slight increase in size so lettering can be read more easily. A smidgeon more file size would be sweet too. Just as much as 8k would be enough to get creative with. As someone who uses animated avatars I say yes to this. life would be pretty dull with everything flat. I write minimal frames into my avatars so they don't weigh too much. But with the limit I can't get a smooth enough transitional effect so that it doesn't distract. A larger file size even that little smidgeon would allow a couple more frames which would ease the transitional effects and not distract.

    The pixel area is okay at 75 but 100 would be better. Doesn't sound like much but when you draw the things youself it means a hell of a lot. People keep asking me to do avatars of characters in action which I can't achieve very well with a 75 limit. I can't have two characters in the same avatar for example. Well technically i could but they'd look poo. 100 would allow me to do luke and vader locked in combat more easily say. or luke and leia swinging across the death star abyss. okay maybe not that last one but you take my point.

    At the end of the day it's a user option as to whether they take up the available space or not. Some users choose to use the tiny avatars from the opld forums still, some choose large monsters. Whatever Steve sets is all we can go on. Whatever the server can take is all we can go on.


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