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    Question The Royal Tenenbaums

    I rented the movie about two weeks ago, and I absolutely loved it. The actors, the plot, and the music were awesome! But, EVERYONE I talk to says they hated it. What gives? Am I the only one who thought that this movie was brilliant? Did you guys like it?
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    I enjoyed it. Did you rent the Criterion DVD? I plan on getting it, I'm wondering what you thought of the extra features?

    I don't know why people hate it, personally I like to just sit down and watched a mindless comedy flick from time to time.
    But with Tenenbaums (and Rushmore while we're at it), I find myself really attached to the characters . . . I may not "LOL" as much, but they are much smarter comedies nonetheless.

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    I thought it sucked. It made no sense. Very stupid jokes were thrown in, and the book layout was dumb.
    Edit: It was bad enough that we turned it off, and watched Kung Pow for the 5th or 6th time. THAT is a good movie.
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    Kung Pow? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    Well, that explains why you couldn't appreciate Tenenbaums.

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    Yes the Royal Tenenbaums is for the "distinguished" film observer.
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    i thought it was great. i also really enjoyed rushmore - i think wes anderson has one of the most unique film-making styles of anyone in america right now...

    i also actually liked gwyneth paltrow in it! that's something right there!!!

    kung-pow was pretty funny. i can't wait for the criterion!
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    The Tenenbaums was a wounderful movie. Very smart and flowed very well. It was brilliant. I never thought that Luke Wilson could write such a good movie (or was it Owen I allways get those two confused). The actors, the music, the book theme was terrific. I also loved the look of the house. Everything was so 70's. I'm not a retro guy, but I loved the retro look of the house that exists in present day. It gave a look of a family that was rich in the 70's and never evolved to current day. Wich is true in the movie and why it worked so well.

    Not to insult any one at all, but this is a movie for people who like something more than slapstick comedy. It wasn't chalked full of poopoo jokes or non-stop sex jokes, but it was funny on a different scale. It was just a good movie that is hard to clasifi as a drama or comedy. That's why they invented the "dramatic comedy" term. Anyway definatly a great movie.

    Can you guys clue me in. What is a Criterion DVD? I've seen a copy of a Criterion Edition Silence of the Lambs on Ebay for $30.00 why are these so expensive? How are they different? Is it just the features or what?

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    I just saw this last night and I have to say that I was plesantly surprised. Although a bit slow at points, it was definately worth renting.
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    This was one of the smartest comedies I've seen in quite a while.
    It was heartwarming, wonderfully witty and clever in it's plot.

    This one is definately worth viewing or owning if any of the above statements appeals to you.
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