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Thread: 12" Sidious

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    I prefer his Emperor guise, what with the scarred, pale, yes, even icky, face. EMPEROR Palpatine was threatening. Sidious, so far, hasn't been much more than an elderly politician in a robe.
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    I thought the Emperor 12" figure looked totally wrong though, that's why a 12" Sidious would make for a great Emp stand-in (if you can consider it a Stand In since it IS the same guy )
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    My guess is that Lucas doesn't want the identity of Sideous spoiled for those who do not know, and could be why it has not been released yet. Just my .02.

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    Thats a good idea Mini- Rock, you most Likely are right.
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    While I agree with your reasoning Mini-Rock, it makes me wonder; who does Lucas think hasn't figured it out yet? Maybe my 5-year-old, but his 7-year-old brother 'explained' it all to him.
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    That is also a good point, IG65. But they may wait for awhile so nothing is gven away.
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    Those of us "in the know" would assume everyone knows who Sideous REALLY is, but there are most likely 100 people for every 1 of us who doesn't have a clue as to who Sideous is or what Palpy will end up doing.

    It's possible GL may have something up his sleeve for this character to make those of us "in the know" all wrong.


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