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Thread: 12" Sidious

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    12" Sidious

    Why hasent Hasbro made a 12" Sidious figure yet? Is there any particular reason or are they planning to make one in the future?
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    Re: 12" Sidious

    Hasbro at Comic Con: The 12 inch Count Dooku will continue to be released in later shipments as popularity was underestimated "for an old man with a beard".

    ...and Sidious is an old man without a beard.

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    A 12" Darth Sidious was planned for the E1 line. But since the E1 line didn't perform as well as was expected, quite a few 12" figures wound up being cancelled. It's not realy needed though, since the 12" Emporer Palpatine looks about the same as Sidious. The cancelled Senator Palpatine, Nute Gunray, and Rune Haako are higher on many people's want list, from what I've seen.

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    I would love to see some 12 inch figures of Rune and Nute!!!!
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    A 12" Senator/Chancellor Palpatine would be great. I loved the detail they got with the 4" version and it would only look better in a 12" version. I agree that a Sidious would be somewhat redundant but that shouldn't rule out a Senator or Chancellor version.
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    I think a 12" Sidious would be great, way better than those 2 terrible 12" Emperor figures. Maybe they could do a fan-club exclusive "holographic" version too.
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    a shame they never made Palpatine

    truly sad they never got around to making an Episode 1 Palpatine or Sidious. mainly Palpatine because of the ornate blue costuming he had. would have been neat if he came with a little floating droid like the 3" version. Geez, he only was the "phantom menace" in the title. We were given way too many 12" mauls instead. Maul with speedbike, maul with break apart abdomen, maul with george forman grill..etc... oh well just hope Palpatine/ Sidious gets his due.
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    Yeah I also hope they make a Sidious.
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    It will probably never happen but that is one 12" I would buy for sure.
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    I don't think there is any reason that it wouldn't happen. I'm actually suprised it didn't come out with TPM. After the release of the Chancellor Veloreum/Guard 2-pack I thought for sure we'd see Palpatine make an appearance. There's plenty of time for it to be added to the 12" line.
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