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    The Greatest Lightsaber Battle of all Time

    I have heard that the lightsaber battle between Anakin and Obi-Wan will be the greatest lightsaber battle ever because of who it's between, but with that thought, shouldn't the best battle be between Vader and Luke in ROTJ because it's between father and son in the last Star Wars movie in the entire saga. i mean, when the whole saga is finished and viewed in whole, wouldn't it make sense that the best battle is in the last movie and not the third. I mean, theres nothing really Lucas can do about that, next to taking the entire scene out and replacing it with a new one. but, thats just my opinion. what's all of you guys opinion?
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    Well, we aren't sure what's to come just yet, but if, after the battle, Anakin completes his transformation into Vader, it could be, no WOULD be the turning point of the whole saga, and therefore should be the most intense.

    BTW...for my money, I'll still take Luke and Vader in ESP.

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    Yeah, that was my favorite battle too, when Vader was reading Luke's mind. j/k, I'm sure you meant ESB, the best lightsaber battle ever IMO.
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    ESB is by far the best duel in the saga .

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    Vader & Luke in ESB is the best duel so far in my mind.
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    i still maintain that the absolute final duel, vader and luke on the death star II, electric boogaloo, is the best duel - the emotional weight of it... the cinematography, the music, the meaning behind every nuance of the fight is just breathtaking! the best part of ROJ, by far, and i think it's the best duel.

    although i'm anticipating something just as meaningful and emotionally charged from ep III
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    I think the ESB duel was the most emotional, but my favorites were the Dooku duels. He's just really awesome, in my opinion. I will not say which one is the most important until I see EPIII.
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    I am sorry but the climatic battle in ROTJ is the greatest lightsaber battle. Luke & Vader has so much menaing to it. It is the climactic battle between father and son, the pinacle of so many years of torment and rage. Luke's rejection of the Dark side, his love for his sister, and Vader's eveltual rejection fo the Dark side is all involved in the final duel. It is in my opinion the greatest lightsaber battle. I also love the background music.
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    I love the Empire Strikes Back duel the best (of the Original Trilogy), however...if we talk about the prequels...well then the duel with Obi-Wan and Darth Maul takes the cake. Anakin vs. Darth Tyrannus was too short...and Yoda bouncing off the walls looked so fake.
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    Refer to my thread here.Rank the Duels
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