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Thread: Accessory Ideas

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    Smile Accessory Ideas

    We got long lists of all the Jedi, resculpts,aliens,and droids we can handel. But Besides all that what Accessory would you like to see?

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    I would like to see a Jabba's Palace accessory set. It could include a totally new, previously unproduced, character form Jabab's Palace - perhaps Bubo?, and things like Jabba's pipe, and his bowl of frogs...maybe even some droid parts that can be seen in EV-9D9's droid room. Come to think of it, I would like a new, decent Jabba also.
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    Yes! We do need a Jabba W/throne room thing!

    I would like to see a nice display thing W/a cardboard back
    to display loose figures. kind of like the vintage mail-away
    thing. with more thought put into it. you know what i mean?

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    Here's some ideas I had, since Hasbro likes reusing stuff they already have for the current accessory sets, then actually very few pieces are actually new - just like in the current accessory sets.

    Trade Federation accessory pack, includes:
    OOM-9 from canceled Trophy assortment (Non-rubbery plastic though), blaster rack for Battle Droid rifles, 1 rolled up Droideka (from the R2 carry case - this is actually kinda fun to play with), command console for activating Droids, Deluxe 3po's Battle Droid in pieces in the bubble for "droid debris" which you can reassemble to have actually two figures in one, and little holo Neimodian (not a specific one) on a small projector.

    Note: The Trade Fed accessory pack should have 2 variations, an Episode II version in which the Battle Droid and OOM-9 would be painted red, and an Episode I version where they would be painted cream, they could ship 50/50 just like the current basic Battle Droids.

    Naboo Forces accessory pack, includes:
    Naboo Royal Guard, stuff from the Wave 2 rappel line attack set, small box that looks like rock for a camaflouged weapon armory that will hold Naboo weapons, and 2 little Padme blasters that can store inside the case (mostly since she had two hidden in her throne and also double as replacements for anyone who had trouble keeping track of the tiny gun).

    Tatooine accessory set, includes:
    2 Pit Droids (the two basic carded figure Pit Droids), all stuff from the Wave 2 Hyperdrive repair kit, Teemto's scavenger Droid, Teemto's pod racer part, and Anakin pod racer helmet (to fit over POTJ Anakin's head since he is the mechanic version - plus it can double for a misc. podracing helmet trash for dioramas).
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    Originally posted by Darth Vellner
    Yes! We do need a Jabba W/throne room thing!

    I would like to see a nice display thing W/a cardboard back
    to display loose figures. kind of like the vintage mail-away
    thing. with more thought put into it. you know what i mean?
    There was a POTF2 cardboard Jabba's throne room. It came with a Carbonite Han Solo. It was a lot like the cardboard cantina.

    The Jabba accessory set is a good idea.

    I would like to see a Jawa Sandcrawler Accessory pack. It could have a droid caller, restraining bolt torch, and of course, a couple Jawas and small droids.

    I think they could do another Endor set. It would have a pair of Ewoks, C-3PO's throne, weapons (bows, arrows, spears), and the wooden stand they tied R2 on.

    And finally, they Yavin base set. Ladders for the X-wings, crates, a tool kit, and some blasters. The figure could be either a pilot or an R2 repaint.
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    A Jedi accessory pack would rule. 2 or 3 lightsabers, a training droid, a genric jedi, a decent robe, and some other assorted things.
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    A better sith set-
    New Dooku sculpt, 1 curve-handled saber, one correctly sized Maul Saber, one normal red saber, Sith training droid (Like the kind that comes w/shirtless Maul), Sith Holocron, Saber handles for the above sabers (Metal), and a robe.
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    I would like to see something along the lines of the Yavin base idea. Maybe it could come with the ladder, crates, tools, and a Rebel Technician. I also like the idea for the Jabba set. Maybe it could also come with the drink dispenser and tray that you could attach to any R2 figure.
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    I'd like to see a Stormtrooper accessory set... with different color shoulder pads so I can make any stormtooper into a sandtrooper.

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    I'd like to see this moved to the dear Hasbro section......

    But to add to the list, I like the Yavin base idea.
    I suppose what we'd possibly get if hasbro released a yavin hangar set would be a rebel fleet trooper with a couple of those small republic credit crates that Han gets as his reward, an X-wing access ladder, a couple of rebel blasters, and a couple of 'tools' for 'fixing up' the ships with.

    I'd prefer that to be a rebel infantryman in the green uniform with the peaked cap, an x-wing and a y-wing access ladder, a pile of the republic credit crates, a few rebel blasters and a power droid.

    As a companion set a deluxe release of the rebel technician with the troop transport shuttle taxi thing seen wizzing around the base. It's too small for a vehicle release and too large to be just an accessory so it can be a deluxe set and be even more detailed.
    And if not the taxi vehicle then the vehicle maintenance energizer as a resculpted more accurate more versatile piece of kit. loads of tools and pipes for refueling the ships.

    That's what we should be geting as a standard release not the drivel that passes for exclusive accessory packs. New things that are worthwhile buying. That are value for money. Not old rope dressed as new.


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